Edward Nalbandian: The European Direction Is One Of The Priorities O


10.11.2011 13:12

“From the very first day of independence the European direction has
been one of the priorities of Armenia’s foreign policy. Our relations
with EU structures, and EU member states are steadily developing,”
Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said at the “Eastern
Partnership: National and European Dynamics” conference.

“Considerable progress has been registered in both bilateral and
multilateral cooperation after the Eastern Partnership was launched two
years ago. An important milestone was the second Eastern Partnership
summit in Warsaw September 29-30. The declaration adopted as a result
of the summit envisages to boost the bilateral cooperation through
political association, gradual economic integration and reinforcement
of multilateral cooperation,” the Minister stated.

According to Minister Nalbandian, significant progress has been
registered in the negotiation son the Association Agreement. “The
provision on establishment of a Deep and comprehensive free trade are
comprises an important part of the Association Agreement,” the Minister
said, adding that “successful implementation of those provisions will
help make Armenian economy more competitive.” The facilitation of visa
regime is also high on the agenda of Armenia-EU cooperation, he said.

“We have always been resolute in our aspiration to build a state
system based on European values – freedom, democracy and rule of law.

The European value system has become the property of our citizens,
and NGOs play an important role in bringing the countries of the region
to each other and to the European Union,” Minister Nalbandian said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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