Coalition Won’t Collapse, Kocharyan Won’t Return


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Published: 14:12:19 – 01/11/2011

Head of the Nor Zhamanakner Party (New Times) commented during today’s
press conference on the recent dismissals.

According to Karapetyan, the government is concentrating everything
for elections.

At the same time he did not rule out further dismissals. This
situation, though, according to him, is not related to Serzh
Sargsyan-Robert Kocharyan relations. Karapetyan noted that appointing
Republican Taron Margaryan Mayor of Yerevan, the authorities try to
concentrate their resources of Yerevan prior to elections.

Aram Karapetyan dwelt also on Prime Minister’s statement that those
forces which do not cooperate with the Republican Party will remain
with nothing. He thinks this is blackmail to the coalition members. As
for the explanation, then, according to him, usually it is very bad
and puts the speaker in an inconvenient situation.

At the same time, he does not agree with the opinion that there are
destructive forces in Armenia. According to him, if this statement were
made by another member of the Republican Party, but not the Premier
or the President, it would be comprehensible, but when the Premier
makes it, it creates grounds to think. Aram Karapetyan notes that
Levon Ter-Petrosyan says the same “whoever is not with us, is villain”.

Dwelling on RPA and BHK relations, he noted that there are
disagreements between them and their relations can be of bureaucratic
character. Karapetyan said sure the coalition won’t collapse and
Kocharyan won’t be back. Karapetyan dwelt on the economic conference
of the Republican Party and the statement of the member of Yedinaya
Rossia party that the RPA and PPA can move forward together: this
was a message, he said.

Aram Karapetyan noted that all the political forces are in the field
of the three presidents, including the ARF Dashnaktsutyun and Heritage,
which is in search. He said that Nor Zhamanakner Party does not belong
to this kind of forces.

Karapetyan said that the intention of the government to collect 101
billion taxes is just the best wish of the government. He recalled
that experience shows that tax growth worsens the situation of
the nation. Major taxpayers take their capital from the people,
they increase the price of their production and avoid taxes, says
Aram Karapetyan.

Republican Artak Davtyan said that the project on collecting 101
billion is in favor of the people. This project includes luxury tax,
for example. Davtyan added that the rich and ordinary citizens will
not pay equal taxes.

He noted that the 101 billion will be ensured on account of GDP 70%
growth and 30% administration growth.

From: Baghdasarian

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