Aliyev: Azerbaijan Will Restore Territorial Integrity


Oct 19 2011

Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity, President Ilham
Aliyev said at an official reception on the occasion of the 20th
anniversary of Azerbaijan’s independence on Monday.

“We have managed to demonstrate to the world that Nagorno Karabakh
is a truly historical land of Azerbaijan, in terms of both history
and international law, he said.

“Our intensive diplomacy is yielding results. I am convinced that
this problem will find its solution in a fair form and in compliance
with international law, and Azerbaijan will restore its territorial
integrity,” he also said.

Azerbaijan is being guided by several principles as it is further
developing, Aliyev said. “We all know that independent Azerbaijan
is only making the first steps. The independent Azerbaijan will live
forever from now on. We ourselves decide by what basic rules it will
be run. The foundations laid today – the principles of independence,
sovereignty, democracy, market economy and social justice – are the
foundation of the state system. A strong national ideology, and the
principles of national spirit and national dignity, are showing us
the right way,” Aliyev said.

The Azeri parliament adopted the Act on the State Independence of
Azerbaijan on October 18, 1991.

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