The Statement Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of The Islamic Repu


Noyan Tapan

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic
Republic of Iran in response to the alleged terror plot in Washington:

– At a news conference on October 11, 2011, U.S. Attorney General
claimed a plot had been foiled involving men allegedly linked to the
Islamic republic of Iran to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and
that a person named Mansour Arbabsiar has been arrested in connection
with the said plot.

– The arrested suspect allegedly involved in the plot has lived in
the United States for the past 16 years and has had no link to Islamic
Republic of Iran entities. Unilaterally announcing accusations against
an American citizen residing in the U.S. without showing documentation
and creating a media wave against Iran is in no way compatible with
legal logic, and can only be a purely media and political show.

– Based on legal norms, if there is any claim against any other
government, the U.S. government should submit the accused person’s
information to the other country and request cooperation. However and
despite a clear request from I.R. Iran and contrary to international
conventions, the U.S. government has not taken any action in this

– Obvious contradictions mentioned above and the fact that American
officials have offered no specific evidence linking the plot to I.R.

Iran, have made professional experts and seasoned political figures in
the world (including those in the U.S.) to question the possibility of
such a plot per se – let alone attributing it to another government –
and some have even found it laughable.

– The accusations were put together by an obscure, anonymous secret
agent based on statements, guesses and suppositions by individuals
involved in drug smuggling! No admissible proof has yet been offered
and such baseless allegations would never stand up in a proper,
neutral courtroom.

– In the last three decades more than 16000 Iranian citizens including
Iranian scientists and senior officials have been assassinated and
even a number of Iranian diplomats have fallen victim to terrorist
attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Islamic Republic of Iran as one
of the main victims of terrorism and in line with the Islamic values
it so staunchly adheres to, is opposed to the killing of innocent
people and has always been a front-runner in fighting terrorism on
the international scene. This is while the U.S. governments have never
stopped to support some terrorist groups active against I.R. Iran.

– The last three decades have shown that I.R. Iran and its governments
have never failed to live up to their responsibility of contributing
to international and regional peace and stability as a top priority
for their foreign policy.

– Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategy on Islamic world and Arab
countries particularly the neighboring states and Saudi Arabia is based
on peace, brotherhood, and all-out cooperation aimed at developing
and deepening the dignity and security inside the sensitive regions
of the Middle East and Persian Gulf.

– The Foreign Ministry of I.R. Iran vehemently and categorically
denies the accusations made by U.S. officials and reminds everyone
that such illogical allegations are parts of an immature scenario and
political show and are nothing but a media smear campaign created
by Washington in an attempt to divert international attention from
the Islamic Awakening in the region, as well as the current protests
hitting the country and to justify the continuation of the failed
illegal actions taken by the U.S. against I.R. Iran. Needless to
say, the U.S. government is responsible for escalating tension and
undermining international security through its propaganda campaign
against I.R. Iran.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Armenia

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