Who Will ARF-D Nominate?


Lragir.am News

17:25:04 – 29/09/2011

Today the leader of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun parliamentary group Vahan
Hovhannisyan said he cannot say who will be nominated for president
by their party. He added that political decisions in the ARF-D are
made collegially during sessions.

The ex-foreign minister Vardan Oskanyan did not rule out Robert
Kocharyan’s return to politics. In answer to the question of the
reporters whether Kocharyan may re-appear on the ticket of the ARF-D,
Vahan Hovhannisyan said the ARF-D did not have a related discussion,
no related proposals were made by Kocharyan or Oskanyan. “If they
propose, if we discuss, I don’t know what will happen. Anyone can
turn to the ARF D to run in the elections or cooperate.”

He said the home political events in Russia will hardly influence
the home political life of Armenia. Though some nuances may change,
he said.

“The Putin-Medvedev pair is referred to as a tandem in the Russian
political terminology, and if they paddle in opposite directions,
Russia will fall down,” Mr. Hovhannisyan says. By the way, Vahan
Hovhannisyan was the presidential candidate of the ARF-D in 2008.


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