What List Will Sargsyan Bring?

Hakob Badalyan

Lragir.am News

17:06:31 – 29/09/2011

Upon Serzh Sargsyan’s departure for the West, reports appeared in
the Armenian press that after his return Serzh Sargsyan will start
a reshuffle.

Are these changes related to his visits or is it just a matter of
timetable? After all, it is logical that Serzh Sargsyan needs a
reshuffle for pre-election purposes, especially that these steps are
expected by the public, though several earlier changes convinced the
public that they are not effective in terms of their effect on the
quality of life, at least as of now.

Where did Serzh Sargsyan go and who did he meet? First he attended
the 66th session of the General Assembly in the United States, met
with Ban Ki-moon, received an immigrant medal, a basketball shirt and
dedicated the new building of the Armenian consulate in Los Angeles.

Sargsyan did not happen to “come across” President Obama,
Vice-President Joe Biden, and even Secretary Clinton. He only met an
official of the State Department.

Perhaps, the message of this U.S. “demarche” was “we have said what
we wanted to say and we are waiting for your actions” or “WikiLeaks
said what we wanted to say and now we are waiting for your actions.”

Apparently, the United States told Sargsyan more without a meeting
than it would have told him in a short or long talk.

Then Serzh Sargsyan visited France where he met with the country
leadership, including President Sarkozy who is going to visit Armenia
in a few days. Sarkozy said he looks forward to his visit. Is it for
the sake of politeness or did Sarkozy say something to Serzh Sargsyan
and is now looking forward to a reply in Yerevan?

After France, Sargsyan will leave for Poland where he will participate
in the EU Eastern Partnership summit. Poland is east but the east
of the West so there Sargsyan will be inside the Western curve. The
EU EPP has a considerable importance in this curve, the principle of
which was a few days ago finalized by Stefan Fule in a meeting with
Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan in Brussels. He said the more reforms,
the more money. Meanwhile, Armenia needs the money because a new wave
of crisis is maturing in the world.

So, Serzh Sargsyan will be told something important in Poland, some
names will be mentioned whose owners will experience the process of
reforms personally. Of course, it is not ruled out that in Moscow
they will tear and throw away the list with the names made by the
West. But the point is that Serzh Sargsyan needs this list because
this list will be the formula of the new government. If he is able to
rid of some officials, he will get a chance to form a real government
and pass the next elections. If not, the same officials will take
him through these elections on their hands but then they will decide
where to put Serzh Sargsyan down and on what conditions.

By the way, most people may wonder whose names are on the list. It
is possible that there is no name on the list, there are only photos,
not of who, but of what.


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