Have They Forgotten About Right To Denial?


05:16 pm | September 08, 2011


“If setting a ban on “Hraparak” daily newspaper’s property is foreseen
by law, raising voices about this is not banned and has no serious
grounds,” President of the Committee in Defense of Freedom of Speech
Ashot Melikyan told “A1+”.

Yesterday an employee of the Service for Compulsory Enforcement of
Judicial Acts visited “Haraparak” daily newspaper’s editorial office
and informed that the first instance court of general jurisdiction
of Kentron and Nork-Marash districts had ruled to set a 3 million
dram ban on the editorial office’s property.

The editorial staff employees say the ruling is linked to the
newspaper’s releases on the judicial department. Recently the newspaper
released a letter from employees of the judicial department complaining
about chief of staff Misak Martirosyan.

Ashot Melikyan says the newspaper has fulfilled its “holy” duty
by touching upon this issue. “There could have been a third side’s
opinion, but that is a different story. If they needed to deny or
respond, they had to take advantage of that right. In this case,
what the chief of staff did is getting revenge over the newspaper,” Mr.

Melikyan added.

According to him, not properly notifying the editorial staff before
the compulsory enforcement officer’s visit is a violation of the law.

The president of the Committee in Defense of Freedom of Speech
assured that unfortunately, this is not the first penalty against a
media outlet.

“All possible and civilized methods are being ignored. For instance,
when one of the sides doesn’t agree with an article, he or she forgets
that there is a right to deny or respond,” Ashot Melikyan responded.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


Emil Lazarian

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