Armenian Authorities Gain Time Keeping Opposition Activist In Custod

Aug 29, 2011

YEREVAN. – Release of oppositional Armenian National Congress
(ANC) activist Tigran Arakelyan will be the pledge for continuing
opposition-authorities dialogue, said ANC member Manuk Sukiasyan to
a press conference on Monday.

“Tigran Arakelyan is kept as a hostage. There is some air of
revenge here. If they released six other young men [involved in the
same conflict with police] but keep Tigran, they definitely want to
chaffer, to oppress. I do not doubt that Tigran will be released. If
authorities retain sound mind not to fail the process, they will set
him free immediately,” said Sukiasyan, adding that until release of
political prisoners ANC did not go for a dialogue and it does not
matter there is only one or one hundred prisoners.

He argued that keeping Tigran Arakelyan in custody, authorities try
to gain time.

“In spring they denied any possibility of amnesty but it was there.

Then they said there can be no dialogue, yet it took place. Then Galust
Sahakyan said there will be no delegations, yet they are formed. I
goes the way ANC demands,” said Sukiasyan, adding that even after
Arakelyan’s release the talks cannot go on forever and another 2-3
rounds will show whether there is any progress.

Earlier Armenian reported that ANC suspended participation
in the 7th round of government-opposition dialogue and will resume
the talks only after Tigran Arakelyan’s release. ANC considers the
latter a political prisoner.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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