Do not confuse statements of Azerbaijan with reality – Karabakh, Armenia
Aug 20 2011

Do not confuse statements of Azerbaijan with reality – Karabakh

August 20, 2011 | 18:28

STEPANAKERT. – The mere fact of existence of Aliyev dynasty in
Azerbaijan, recurrent and systematic violations of national
minorities, racism, Armenophobia, xenophobia, all this indicates that
the concepts of tolerance and democracy are not applicable to
Azerbaijan, said press secretary of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR)
President David Babayan to a press conference.

`If the high rank officials call to get rid of their colleagues who do
not have Turkic roots, how can we speak about democracy or European
values?’ asked Babayan.

According to him, the various statements of official Baku, where it is
trying to present itself as a democratic state, should not be confused
with reality.

“The real picture is formed through actions rather than words,” he
said, adding that neighboring Iran, being an Islamic state itself,
also sees the dangers of its policies. “I am not talking about the
fact that official Baku always has some absurd territorial claims to

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