Azerbaijan’s Political And Military Elite Lives A Virtual Life


August 17, 2011

Eldar Sabiroglu, press secretary of Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry,
released today a statement in response to Artsakh Republic Defense
Minister Movses Hakobyan’s statement of August 12.

Movses Hakobyan stated at a news conference that the Defense Army’s
potential increased by 20% and that the Defense Army will not allow
the Azerbaijani army to let it behind in the issue of arms. Eldar
Sabiroglu said the NKR defense minister’s statements aim at alleviating
the inner anxiety of the Nagorno Karabakh. He also mentioned that the
Armenian party worries about the armament of the Azerbaijani army and
increase of military expenditure. “In a short-term war the defeat of
the Armenian party is unavoidable,” Sabiroglu said.

Davit Babayan, head of the central information department of
the Office of Artsakh Republic President told Armenpress that
Azerbaijan’s militarization is a very dangerous phenomenon not only
in the context of the Karabakhi-Azerbaijani conflict, but also
generally for maintenance of stability and peace in the whole of
South Caucasus. He says the Azerbaijani political and military elite
is obviously forming a virtual world and in this virtual world the
“Azerbaijani authorities think that using some quantitative privileges
they can achieve victory. Not taking into account the reality, living
with virtual ideas, they might take not well-thought steps.”

Davit Babayan says the international community and some superpowers,
which have certain interests, at the moment exclude war as a means
of settlement of the issue. As to the “short-term war”, Davit Babayan
said “Azerbaijan then just asked, entreated ceasefire, but this time
there will be no such thing.”

He added that the increase of arms is also aimed at controlling the
national minorities within Azerbaijan and that this fact should be
taken into account as well.

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