BAKU: Fear obvious in Sargsyan’s actions and statements, Azerbaijan
July 30 2011

Fear obvious in Sargsyan’s actions and statements
Sat 30 July 2011 04:07 GMT | 0:07 Local Time

News.Az interviews political scientist Tofig Abbasov.

As has been reported, while answering to participants of the fifth
competition in Armenian language, literature and Armenian studies held
in Armenian Tsakhkadzor, President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan openly
boasted about the results of aggression against Azerbaijan and urged
to prepare for occupation of `Western Armenia’-territories of
sovereign Turkey.

What has he been aimed at by saying so and how can Armenia benefit from it?

A professional politician often uses a strong argument and a
light-minded politician stakes on the argument of force. President of
Azerbaijan Serzh Sargyan is not used to build, he is used to destroy
even after he said farewell to arms and headed the state. For this
reason, he is preparing a new generation of new shocks, while
progressive politicians think only about creation.

As the Armenian experts from among local citizens constituted the
majority of the audience in Tsakhkadzor, the appeals were addressing
national managers who will have to organize the future of the Armenian
house. But the instruction of the president shows that it was an exact
calculation. It aims at make a zombie of young people and provoke new
`heroic actions’.

Why do the world community, heads of superpowers, particularly, of the
United States, Russia and France, not react to this scandalous and
provocative statement by the Armenian President?

I would also like to know the reason of their silence when the head of
the sovereign state is voicing openly expansionist appeals,
threatening to the security of the other country. I suppose they do
not benefit from accentuating this, since they back Armenia all the
time, despite its destructive foreign course.

Just after the Tsakhkadzor speech by Serzh Sargsyan, Gazakh resident
Nailya Poladova was wounded by Armenians in her back. But murders of
9-year-old Fariz Badalov by an Armenian sniper and Aygun Shahmaliyeva
killed by a toy blast occurred before that. Can these terrorist acts
be the implication of the personal instruction of Serzh Sargsyan?

I would not want to believe that the head of a neighboring state is a
petty, vindictive and bloodthirsty man, and who is using sophisticated
means of dealing with women and children. After all, the president has
to think and act in global categories of creative nature, being
responsible for the fate not only of his fellow citizens, but also
other peoples, communities. However, the excess, which occurred in
Tsakhkadzor undermine confidence in the peaceful spirit of Serzh

There have been repeated cases in history when people with no
brilliant intellect and political intuition made dirty and
inappropriate plans once they got to power. It is not ruled out that
it is just the case. Ð?ÑоÑ?лÑ?Ñ?аÑ?Ñ?

What does Sargsyan hope for by making such provocations?

It seems to me that with the upcoming presidential elections Sargsyan
is intentionally raising tension to induce fear to both external
forces and internal enemies. On the other hand, he has no clear
program of activities, not to mention the reforms to bring the country
out of stagnation. In such situations, when there is a bouquet of
dangers, he resorted to what’s he is really good at – to threaten, to
promise unreal things and undermine the loose soil of trust in

And moreover his actions are filled with fear. The deep-lying
inferiority feeling, gray halo against the confidence of his vis-Ã-vis
` President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on the international arena,
forces the Armenian leader to make emergency steps which is why he
shifts to radicalism since he has no will, ethics or opportunity to
act differently.

What provocations can be expected from Armenia and what should
Azerbaijan oppose to them?

Any provocations should be expected. As for counter-measures, I think
Azerbaijan’s course is right, which is bewildering to Sargsyan, who is
making mistakes by mistakes. Baku and Ankara must strengthen
coordination of actions in the security space and hold a consistent
tactics in international institutions.

I suppose that officials of UN, OSCE, NATO and Council of Europe, as
well as the senior officials of the indicated countries must be
informed about Sargsyan’s `well-known ideas’.

Akper Hasanov

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