What Is The Task Confronting Serzh Sargsyan?


Heritage Party MP Larisa Alaverdyan welcomes the decision of Serzh
Sargsyan to reject Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s proposal
on Karabakh.

Though the proposal might contain positive points, Mrs. Alaverdyan
warns, “Any document contains a provision which lays the basis for

“As an OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing country, Russia cannot ignore the
Minsk Group’s proposals – deployment of peacekeeping forces, the width
of Lachin corridor, the referendum in Artsakh, etc,” said Alaverdyan.

“Regardless of the current stage of talks, Armenian leadership today
has one major task – to alter the course of the conflict settlement.

This should be done not by nice words and curtsies, but through real
politics. The solution imposed from the outside will lead us and the
entire region to a dead end,” she stressed.

“The Armenian side today stands a wonderful opportunity to show the
world that all attempts – political, economic, and environmental –
to settle the Karabakh conflict were fruitless. Only legal way is
acceptable in the regulation of the conflict. To this end, Armenia
should take the initiative,” she said.

“What is the reason for the conflict? On the one side, it is the
national liberation movement led by Armenia and Azerbaijan’s struggle
for territorial integrity on the other side. We say let us see what
the notion “territorial integrity” means in light of legal documents
which were adopted before the Soviet rule and in the past 20 years.

Armenia has a perfect trump card today,” she continued.

The existing documents and Azerbaijan’s historiographic materials
testify that NKR gained independence before Azerbaijan appeared on
the map.

From: A. Papazian


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