Who Are Masons In Armenia?


Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 13:33:22 – 07/07/2011

The Grand Master of Grand Orient De France announced in a press
conference while visiting Armenia that there are 15-20 members of
their lodge in Armenia. He said the members are not revealed because
there is no lodge in Armenia yet. Guy Arzicet said he visited Armenia
to observe the possibilities of establishing the lodge.

Guy Arzicet also said he wanted to see what help our ancient country
with spiritual development needs. He said the Armenian president was
informed about and approved his visit.

Guy Arzicet said it is necessary to overcome the prejudiced attitude
toward masons in Armenia. He announced that Anglo-Saxon masons act
secretly, have some ceremonies, whereas frank masons act openly.

Nevertheless, it is not clear why they won’t reveal their members
if they operate openly. Who are those 15-20 members of Grand Orient
De France? Guy Arzicet said these figures are francophone and are
closely related to France.

Now in Armenia they are surveying the celebrities of Armenia to find
out who speaks French and who has relations with France. In other
words, while speaking about stereotypes and prejudices towards masons
in Armenia, Guy Arzicet nevertheless helps to deepen these stereotypes
and prejudices.

Isn’t it right, given the Frank Masonic lodge is open and transparent
in its activities, to announce openly who its members in Armenia
are, who those 15 to 20 people are. Hiding, covering up won’t help
eliminate stereotypes and prejudices in the society. The number
itself is strange, 15 to 20. What does it mean? Doesn’t the Grand
Master know how many members there are in Armenia, 15, 16, 17, 18,
19 or 20? What is this range for?

No doubt the mythology, stereotyped and prejudiced thinking about
masons needs to be eliminated. Generally, every stereotype and
prejudice must be eliminated. Everything must be brought possibly
closer to opinions shaped through common sense and judgment.

The masons themselves have a lot to do to overcome stereotypes and
prejudices. In this sense, the visit of Guy Arzicet is commendable.

However, the stereotypes and prejudices are so deeply rooted in the
Armenian society that it’s not easy to overcome them stage by stage,
with dosed frankness. Perhaps it is impossible. The point is that
the society is able to overcome any dose. Consequently, the process
must be launched in a wave, which is the only chance to overcome the
resistance of prejudices. Although the masons may not be keen on this
because after all the Armenian society needs to overcome prejudices
rather than the masons.

Nevertheless, some questions occur regarding the interest of masons
in Armenia, especially now when Armenia has entered a crucial stage of
home political developments and the settlement of the Karabakh issue,
and breakthrough decisions are expected.

The Grand Master did not hide his intention to help Armenia in this
difficult period. Perhaps Armenia is in a very difficult situation
that the masons have to announce openly about their intention to help.

The question is whether they understand well who they are going to
help, what society, economy, politics and state system they have to
deal with.

P.S. Interestingly, this visit takes place prior to the upcoming
visit of the French President. Sarkozy will visit Armenia in the
second half of this year. By the way, Guy Arzicet said the French
presidents often consult their lodge in the periods of elections.


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