Again Death in Army

Again Death in Army

Story from News:

Published: 15:42:44 – 01/07/2011

Again a case of death is reported in the armed forces of Armenia.
Tigran Hambardzumyan, Masis Town, served in the military unit of Kapan
City. He would complete service in 6 months. On June 29 Tigran was
found dead.

On June 28 Tigran talked to his father on the telephone and was in a
good mood. He asked his father to recharge his mobile account but when
his parents called him back in an hour he was unreachable. In four
hours the chief of staff of the military unit telephoned them and
informed that that their son had run away from the military unit.

At 5 o’clock in the morning of the next day the parents left for
Kapan, at 11 they were received by the chief of staff. He told them
the military police was searching for their son. Some time later the
military commission of Masis telephoned the parents and informed that
Tigran’s body had been found 30 meters from the military unit of
Kapan, on the road in the forest. He was found lying with his face
down, hands on his face, with injuries on the face and neck, the face
was in severe wounds. The vein near the elbow was cut in length.

Yesterday Tigran’s body was taken to Yerevan but it was not kept in a
refrigerator and the body continued to decay.

The parents were told that their son had committed a suicide, and they
allegedly found a razor stained with blood, and the wolves allegedly
damaged his face. The parents doubt this story because their son
always felt good and never complained. They are sure their son was

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