President Sargsyan Gets Acquainted With Activity Of "Tumo" Creative


28 June, 2011

President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan visited today “Tumo” creative
technology center in Yerevan Ajapnyak administrative region the
ceremonial opening of which is intended for August 12. The center
has been created on the initiative of Sam and Silva Simonians who
are currently living in Texas.

Sam Simonian is the founder of “APG Labs AM” company registered in the
United States. As a result of the wide volume of construction work
of the company the first six-storeyed building of techno park has
been built, in the first floor of which the Tumo creative technology
center is operating. Till now investments amounting to 43.5 million
USD have been made.

The goal of the center is to carry out educational programs through
application of information technology, introduce to the young people
the world achievements of technology through classes, workshops,
seminars, etc.

Speaking to reporters, director of the center Marie Lu Papazyan said
the center is free for children from 12 to 18 years old who want
to get acquainted with contemporary technology. “Applying peculiar
study program it aims at promoting the creative progress of the new
generation and become a basis for many to become specialist in the
computer area”, she said.

According to her, the center provides few services, particularly
such spheres have been chosen which are attractive and promising –
animation, computer games, creation of web sites, digital media. Marie
Lu Papazyan said the center provides good opportunities for best
children, and did not exclude that they may continue studying abroad.

The president of the republic spoke with the children studying in
the center who presented the knowledge they have got there.

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