BAKU: Economic, Military power, High Combat Morale guarantee of Vict

Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan
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June 23, 2011 Thursday

Assistant to Azerbaijani President: Economic potential, military power
and high morale-combat spirit of armed forces is guarantee of our

by P.Kesamanski, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan

June 23–JUNE 23 / , Azerbaijan , Baku — Trend interviewed Defense
Issues Assistant to Azerbaijani President, Lieutenant-General Vahid
Aliyev on the Day of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Republic-June 26

Trend: Mr. Aliyev, a year has passed since our last meeting and our
interview s prior to the Day of Azerbaijani Armed Forces have become a
tradition. I would like to congratulate you on the Day of the Armed
Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic and wish you all the best .

Aliyev: I would like to congratulate all veterans of the Armed Forces,
militaries, civil servants and all of those who have contributed and
still contribute to the building and development of the Azerbaijani
Armed Forces led by the Supreme Commander.

Q.: What changes have occurred in the Armed Forces over the past year?

A.: The Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which was restored in 1991 and began
to develop since 1993 thanks to the courage, authority and indomitable
will of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, is now developing under the
Supreme Commander’s leadership in line with modern requirements and
recently adopted Military Doctrine. This also applies to armory and
combat training, army’s provision and its moral component. This is
demonstrated in practice in joint exercises that you could observe,
and you will clearly witness of this in this year’s parade. Over the
years, we have established the Armed Forces, within which every
soldier knows clearly what to do at the right time. We have much to be
proud of, I mean our Armed Forces. We are completely prepared to
liberate our occupied lands, and we improve our equipment and training
each day with a view to minimize our casualties during the
hostilities. All components of our Armed Forces — Land Forces, Air
and Navy Forces, as well as other military units, such as Border
Guards, Interior Ministry’s Interior Troops and Emergency Situations
Ministry’s Civil Defense Troops, reached a qualitatively new and
higher level that is incomparable at least in our region.

Q.: What challenges do you see occurring in the development of the armed forces?

A.: There are no problems at the state level in building the armed
forces. We are able to meet the growing needs of the army. Some
problems occur in places by force of objective and subjective factors,
and this is also under the daily supervision of the Supreme Commander.
An operational response is given to what that requires a quick
respond, and certain issues take time . During the Novruz holiday, I
have traveled to the entire frontline zone, have been at the forefront
and, of course, along with other problems also inquired about the
militaries’ problems upon the president’s task. A program has been
developedbased on the package of reports, including mine, reports of
the defense ministry, field reports and others upon the Supreme
Leader’s task with a view to address these problems.

Our goal is to minimize the problems at most and we are able to
accomplish this in practice. The deaths of soldiers are, of course,
the most painful subject and we aim to nullify the loss of personnel.
But overall, the general conclusion that I made on my trip to the
frontline zone is that your tranquility and your confidence in the
victories are in safe hands of our soldiers , sergeants, and officers.
I would like to once again assure the President and our citizens in

I would like to touch on the media and coverage of events in the army.
One must understand that our army is an army of each citizen and the
army is over-political structure , and more responsible attitude
should be shown while covering the army events.

Q.: Mr. Aliyev , we are still receiving disturbing news from the front …

A.: Unfortunately, yes we do … [ ] and it is a direct consequence of
the fact that the aggressor is not punished. The aggressor is not
punished for the set of causes and it unties its hands, allows
continue provocations on the frontline of the parties …

Q.: Issue of the withdrawal of snipers from the front caused a big stir…

A.: There was much ado about nothing. Actually, I should note that
they lack sophistication. The matter is not only proposal to remove
the snipers, but also other moments , which I would like to speak

As for the withdrawal of snipers, I, with all due respect to those who
supported this visually

“beautiful” , but in fact opportunistic offer of Armenia , would tell
them the following: Armenia proposes to remove the snipers, and we
propose to remove troops . Which is better? Which one is peace-loving
? Which one is correct? Why gentlemen do not even put an equal sign
between the two proposals, but frankly support this — I won’t have
the heart to call it incomplete — offer , forgetting about ours… ?

How is it — let’s remove the snipers ? It is completely unverifiable
, ridiculous offer. It seems that those, who offer it, do not care
what will kill people. If you get a bullet from the body , how to
determine whether it is a short of sniper or marksman? Or is it a
stray bullet ? Why not to remove the grenade launcher men ,
machinegunner or just shooters ?

All this ballyhoo over this “proposal ” was calculated on that the
heads of international organizations that are responsible to support
any peace proposals will once again say in unison — “Peace to the
world ” . Yes, of course , “Peace to the world “, who would resist …
But we must remember that , first, voicing of the “Peace to the world
” by an aggressor is no less sacrilegious than a serial rapist such as
Chikotillo would say “I love women” .

Secondly , the Armenian side with this “proposal” actually meant to
say less original — let’s remove the modern small arms from the
Azerbaijani side. But since to voice this is equal to make a spectacle
of itself, so they came up with a more ” original” idea — let’s
remove the snipers.

We say concretely ‘no’ to Armenia’s proposal to remove the modern
weapons from the frontline. Because they do not stop the aggression ,
they continue provocation due to impunity and they will further get
such answers that they have never dreamed of. Our President has very
accurately pointed out that Armenia will live in fear until the
Karabakh problem resolved. It’s true. If you have noticed, one of
their first reactions about our victory at the “Eurovision”, after ,
of course, all choler that they could not keep , was gladness that no
war will be at least a year… As they say — no comment .

Summing up the issue of the withdrawal of snipers, I will remind old
oriental wisdom: No matter how many times to repeat “Halva, Halva,”
the mouth will not become sweeter. So, the withdrawal of snipers is to
say ” halva”, but our proposal — to remove the troops of the
aggressor — occupier — means to eat halva finally.

I can name other sophistication: Do you pay attention to what a big
sink the Armenian side makes when our diplomats raise the Karabakh
issue at various international organizations?

Why? Because their position is bursting at the seams, they’re wrong,
and they feel unpleasant every time when others kept mentioning about
it. If you are right, then you even do not care where and how the
issue is discussed, on the contrary, you will be interested in these
discussions. This explains our activity in promoting these issues at
all levels of the international community. Because we are right, we
have nothing to lose and we want to peacefully solve the current
unfair situation. However, they make big sink, all the while referring
to the Minsk Group, as if this interferes its work. It’s pure
demagoguery. Why does it hamper, how can it hamper in general? This
may help, but nowise hamper… But to play for time is advantageous
for them, so any torpedoing of the talks ends in escapes into the
toilet and not retuning from there or any other circus … . Here
saying “they” I mean the Armenian leadership. It is obvious that they
do not want to solve the issue, do not seek the prosperity of Armenia,
as they need to be in the power at most. They do not care that the
country is going to the dogs, and people are fleeing from poverty and
from despair. It is important for them to see out, see out at all
costs. They went to war and came to power in the wake of the war. So,
in fact, this power is the power of war. First, they killed
Azerbaijanis, and then could not resist the execution of their

One should understand that the fact that our talks with those whose
hands are stained with the blood of our citizens, including children,
women and elderly — is a huge compromise on our part.

Q.: Then, why we talk to them?

A.: I see mainly two reasons. First, our president deeply worries over
and feels a loss of each soldier keenly. Of everyone. It is clear that
more people will suffer with the beginning of open hostilities.
Negotiations, in any case, are better than the death of our young
guys. However, it is clear that this will not last forever. All the
more, the time goes the population shifts to more militant mood.
People are tired of waiting, hoping for a peaceful resolution to this
conflict. However, the war is the last option, and it is always
possible to resort to it, and Eurovision has nothing to do with it.
Especially, as I said we are constantly building up our armed forces
in accordance with modern requirements. The more we are preparing for
war, the stronger we are becoming.

Secondly, these are presidents “elected” by the Armenian people.
Legally or illegally it is their problem, but they are presidents, and
so we have to talk to them.

Q.: The Armenian side is not sitting on its hands …a new airport has
been built.

A.: ( Laughs) All this fuss over the so- called “new” airport is just
a PR campaign .

Well, for a start, only a very unhealthy brain can call the old
Khojaly airport as a “new” after a renovation, a little retouch runway
and at the same time without making it better, safer , more powerful.
I would not like to delve deeply into this question about the
characteristics of the Khojaly airport, although I have something to
say … [ ] Just take my word for it. This will not give them any
practicality or even steeper — ‘strategy’ . This is likely an unsafe
airport. They even contrive to lump the blame of crashes , which they
would not avoid there , onto us.

Furthermore, even if the airport would give them some practicality in
terms of transfer of forces and means, then believe, that to put the
airport out of action is a matter of minutes with our equipment.

Finally on this topic. Everything that has been built there up to
date, even if it is unsafe airport, tomorrow — is saving our money
that we will invest in the development of the Nagorno-Karabakh region
in any way.

So, we should rejoice at all that is being built at the expense of
other countries or through the annual “requisitions ” of their
so-called “leaders” in Europe, the United States. It is a holy horror
… different kinds of beggars has been observed, but at this level —
it is extremely humiliating. They themselves sunk to this state and
also want to pull Karabakh into the abyss, but not so long ago it was
a booming, paradise land, where life was in full swing … . Now even
none of their former “leaders” live there… I wonder whether this is
also our blame. So, they will not hand out back what was built by
those who “divorced” on their deceptions and donated something. All
that will remain to us and save our money .

Here is another deception, with which they want to ” dilute” the whole
world, another sophistication — the question of so-called “Armenian
genocide” . The same situation : Turkey says let’s open the archives
and discuss, and they say no … Why ? Because, they are wrong, and
they will be kept mentioning about it. If one is right, he/she does
not afraid of any debate , but they are afraid , and at all levels —
from the Armenian leadership to all sectors of the diaspora. It seems
as having lost that argument , they will lose sufficiency. Rather, it
is so , because they annually organize a show called “Armenian
genocide” in the calculation to earn dividends both materially, and
politically . It is im proper to watch how some foreign political
forces, sometimes forget about justice, morality and interests of
their countries and bow to the wishes of these pseudo- ideologues for
some interests .

They do not see the obvious fact that it was wartime, the Armenian
regular units, which were created by Tsarist Russia and Europeanallies
even had certain success at the front, but nobody would think of
calling it genocide of the Turks in the twilight of the Ottoman
Empire. No one thinks that those numbers of victims, which their
ideologists voice, just monstrous in its falsification, monstrous in
its purpose — because they do PR on the human tragedy. It is
monstrous, simply because so many Armenians could not physically
reside there.

It touches, when they say their strong diaspora is the result of
“genocide” that forced them to disperse throughout the world … [ ]
It touches when you begin to imagine that what events should have been
occurred that people crossed the oceans, continents and traveled from
Turkey to Argentina, Australia, USA, Canada, France … Why is not
heard about the Armenians, who “survived” in Somalia and Nigeria …
The desire to live well is a normal desire and no one blames for this,
but it is not normal to cover this with tragic events that occurred in
the history of Turkish and Armenian people during WWII.

There is an only worldwide recognized genocide — the genocide against
the Jews by the Nazi regime. Its superiority over other nations and
destruction of the Jews was the policy of then government. But, there
is another genocide recognized by few — the genocide committed by
Armenians against Turks. The same symptoms — the superiority of its
nation over others and the destruction of the Turks. This is an
indisputable fact: the Armenian state implemented it in practice, not
only in relation to the Turks … [ ] the events in the Ottoman Empire
during the WWI, tragic events of 1918 in Baku, Shamakhi, Guba,
Nakhchivan, Zangezur and up to the last an act of genocide in Khojaly
— all these are flashy facts.

By the way, the Armenians themselves, discussing the topic of genocide
and not only it, often recognize that they follow the example of the
Jews in many respects… I would like to remind them that a copy, by
definition, will always be worse than the original.

Armenia itself and particularly diaspora everywhere attempt to cause
disgust against the Turks and to the entire Turkic world. The whole
world goes to Turkey to have a rest, go sightseeing and do business,
and all admire all that is there, especially, of course, the people,
but they all try to prove otherwise. Whom and why do they cheat? It is
clear that it is easy for the diaspora to reason, as they do not live
in those conditions, under which Armenians live in Armenia. Their
children will neither fight and die, nor even just sit in the
trenches. That is they turned the Armenians of Armenia into the
hostages of their interests. However, no lone can stop any normal
person, no matter how you scare you, if his/her friend, a relative,
say that it is good safely and well fed in Turkey. So, they keep
saying “no” to their leaders and the Diaspora by their migration to
the very Turkey.

The Armenian leadership has brought the country to the point that it
is desperately unique in the world. The international community turns
blind eyes on this for uncertain reasons. There is not a country where
not only the representatives of other nations, but even the
representatives of neighboring countries do not live. There are not
such countries. It does not need to go far to seek examples. Let us
look at those countries with which Armenia borders — Azerbaijan,
Turkey, Iran, Georgia. Armenians live even not in small quantities in
Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Georgia. Now let us see whether at least
some representatives of the bordering countries and peoples live in
Armenia? No, no and again no. It is surprising, unprecedented. In
general, Georgians, Turks, Iranians, Azerbaijanis were closely
interwoven in their countries, intermingled with each other,
especially in border areas, and deeply inside as well… It is
inherent in absolutely all the countries worldwide… Everyone except
Armenia. Nonsense. Did the world see anything of this kind? Tell me
the second country of the former Soviet Union, where Russians would
not live? There is not such country except Armenia! What else is
necessary to prove the policy of the Armenian leaders? And some people
still speak from high tribunes about the Armenianphobia, as though it
is possible to tolerate the aggressor, who started the war, conducted
large-scale ethnic cleansing, made refugees every seventh citizen of
Azerbaijan in their own land and continues the occupation. In this
case, it is forgotten to tell from the same high tribune that they
have phobia towards all. Armenia became a mono-ethnic only after a
country like Armenia appeared on the map of the Caucasus in 1918. But
after independence, they put a big, fat point in this matter —
expelling other peoples from this land. That is way such speeches are
heard, that is, in consequence of the general acquiescence, today we
have a country in the South Caucasus with a fascist ideology of
superiority of their nation over others.

Because of a general connivance today, we have a country in the South
Caucasus with a fascist ideology of superiority of their nation over
others. For this reason, the representatives of all nationalities,
except Armenians, have left this country. But for justice, let us note
the representatives of the Armenian nation, who cannot live in such a
society. More people would leave, but many do not have opportunities.
It deals specifically with the state, not the Armenians as a nation,
because although the Armenians themselves cannot live outside of the
Armeniansim, but can live among other people.

This is a big problem. The problem is that when people begin to open
eyes that you are also people like everyone else, the nationalist
community will begin breaking. Again, maybe it is not terrible. There
have been similar precedents in the history when the leaders poisoned
their society with sick ideology. For example, Nazi Germany or the
socialist Soviet Union. Everybody remembers with what tragedies and
dramas it ended. I do not understand why the world once again comes to
the same rake, including the co-chairing countries. Rather it is
understandable, but partly … Money, elections, diaspora, military
base — someone desire to keep them here as long as possible to keep
it there, while others — the desire to increase their influence in
Armenia through the sweet pills, etc. But what about the interests of
the state? What about the universal values? What about the
responsibility for the future? And what about the most important —

Q: Armenian officials ask very often — haven’t they been tired of
appealing to world community?

A: They should thank us and be glad that we solve the problem in such
way, but not otherwise. It is possible to argue the enemies of your
people, and if their officials say it, so it is their assessment …
Because in this way they are pushing us to war, and consequently,
their people to the tragedy.

You mentioned the Armenian officials’ the arguments, and here I want
to speak how funny they are trying to present to all the known three
principles to solve the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
in their favor. Simply I see surprising! Briefly I remember these
three principles

– non-use of force

– right of nations to self-determination

– territorial integrity of the state

And at the last OSCE summit in Astana, the U.S. Secretary of State, as
though explaining to those who do not want to understand, said: all of
these principles are one goal, and it is wrong to pull out one of
them. I.e. the problem should be solved as follows: with non-use of
force, the Armenian population of Karabakh must determine themselves
as part of integral Azerbaijan.

What logic they guide when separate from this bunch only one of the
principles — the principle of self-determination, which is again
interpreted by them in only one clear plane is absolutely unclear.
They have much more non-understandable than understandable, and
probably all got used to it …

Q.: I do not want to end on a sour note …

A.: Do not have to nowise. We do not live in current Armenia to be
pessimistic. Only short-sighted politicians may consider temporary
military success as a reason for optimism, but beg in the streets.
Their future ruins. Once they are cut off from all regional and
international communications, who will need this island on the land?
As for that they have taken for while, we will return in any case.
Definitely! Our army gives us every reason for optimism, we
confidently look at the future. Our country is fully developed
economically and politically, and socially. We know the tastes of
different kinds of victories, and I want to assure everyone that the
issue of a military victory over the aggressor, over those who is not
satisfied with the Western Azerbaijan, our Irevan, Uchmedzin, Zangezur
Zangebasar, Dereleyez, Goycha, Vedi, Gyumri and other lands, who now
raise hand on Karabakh is a matter of time. They follow the path that
leaves us no choice, but military operations. We are more than ready
to this, and the economic potential of Azerbaijan, its military power
and the high morale of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces’ personnel is
guarantee of our victories.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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