Syria, Armenia Agree To Boost Media, Cultural Ties


SANA Syrian Arab News Agency
Dec 6 2010

Damascus: Information Minister Muhsin Bilal has stressed the deep
friendship relations between Syria and Armenia and the importance of
bolstering them in all fields, mainly in relation to media.

During a meeting on Thursday [2 December] with Armenian Assistant
Culture Minister Arthur Boghassian, Bilal underscored the importance of
enhancing media cooperation between the two countries and exchanging
visits and technical expertise, stemming from the role of media in
upgrading bilateral relations.

Bilal said the Armenian Cultural Days in Damascus enrich the standing
relations, adding that art works bolster communications between the
Syrian and Armenian peoples.

Boghassian hailed the solid Syrian-Armenian relations, referring to
the need for enhancing them in the common interests of both countries,
with emphasis on developing media cooperation.

For his part, Minister of Culture Riyad Naasan Agha discussed
with the Armenian cultural delegation headed by Assistant Minister
Boghassian means of enhancing cultural relations between the two
friendly countries.

The talks dealt with cultural and historical ties between the Syrian
and Armenian peoples and the solid Syrian-Armenian relations. The
Armenian cultural delegation visits Syria in the framework of the
Armenian Cultural Week which includes photo and art exhibitions at
the National Museum in Damascus.

From: A. Papazian

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