Mary Wept, Resident Says

By Max Zimbert, [email protected]

Glendale News Press
Aug 2 2010

Her Virgin Mary statuette has allegedly moved its fingers and cried,
drawing thousands of visitors.

The miracle stands atop the fireplace, flanked by artisan crucifixes
and flower bouquets left by worshipers from across the U.S.

For the past two weeks, Glendale residents and visitors from Boston,
New Jersey and elsewhere have come to Anahid Sallakian’s single-family
home to pray to a Virgin Mary statuette that’s elicited tears and
prayers. It’s been covered in oil.

Representatives from the Los Angeles Archdiocese did not respond to
requests for comment, and leaders from neighboring St Mary’s Armenian
Apostolic Church were unavailable for comment. But those who’ve
observed the Mary statue “weeping,” or have seen its fingers move,
say it is a sign from God.

“I don’t know why God chose me; only he knows,” Sallakian said. “This
is a sign for people to love each other and pray. There are people
who don’t believe, but maybe this is the sign. I don’t know.”

It began at 10:30 p.m. July 19 when Sallakian was praying in her
living room. She said she saw a star on the Mary statue, and when
she touched it, her hand was covered in oil.

“She gave us the oil for nine days,” Sallakian said. “I don’t know
if it’s finished.”

One woman came to pray before a cancer surgery the following day,
Sallakian said.

“She came back the next day and said nothing was wrong,” she said.

“This is a miracle. This happened.”

Word of the alleged apparition spread through neighborhood church
groups and reached a national audience through American and Armenian
media reports, Sallakian said.

The house was flooded with thousands of worshipers and well-wishers,
she said.

“For 15 days, I couldn’t do anything in my house,” Sallakian said. “I
couldn’t cook or anything. I cannot explain what happened.”

Cyma Babahekian, a Glendale resident, touched Mary’s palms before
she prayed Saturday. Her daughter, Rita Mikailian, said they wanted
an opportunity to see the miracle and reflect on their relationship
with God.

“I can tell it’s a miracle,” Mikailian said. “God is saying through
Mary that ‘I’m here. I’m coming soon.'”

The message, Sallakian said, has been heard near and far.

“They come to try and be close to God,” she said. “I’m saying, this
is a sign to believe in God.”

From: A. Papazian

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