Edward Abrahamyan Says Latest Turkish-Israeli Developments Just Imit


JUNE 3, 2010

The latest developments in the Turkish-Israeli relations are directed
to the rise in the role of Turkey in the region, especially among
Muslim countries. Leader of the National New Conservative Movement
Edward Abrahamyan said at a press conference today that Turkey and
Israel seem to have problems with each other; however this does not
correspond to the reality. According to Edward Abrahamyan, there is
just one goal- separating the protesting sector of Palestine from
Iran and lead it to Turkey. It is controlled by Israel.

‘I think everything was planned between the two states even before
2007 and the latest developments in their relations are just an
imitation of bad relations. It is the second time these two states
have confrontation with each other,’ Edward Abrahamyan said. He also
explained that Turkey was the only state to undertake some steps
against Israel when the Palestine-Israeli relations were strained.

Turkey did so in order to raise its role in the Middle East. Yet the
protesting Muslims did not believe in Turkey, and so the slaughter

‘Both Turkey and Israel are parts of the same common system and though
the authorities of the two sides make statements on straining the
relations, they not have any issues with each other. All these steps
are intended to make the position of Iran weaker in the Muslim world,’
he added.

Deputy Director of the Caucasian Institute Sergey Minasyan says
the strained relations between Turkey and Israel will have grave
consequences in the region. These are the next attempts of Turkey’s
leading party and are connected with Turkey’s desire to play the key
role in the Middle East. He added that the dynamics of the tension
of the relations will be clear with the course of time.

Sergey Minasyan says there are really anti-Semitic moods in the
Turkish society; the steps of the state somehow depend on those moods.

He added that there are some possibilities of a war, but not much more.

In such a strained situation, Sergey Minasyan says, it is less
possible the Armenian Genocide will b recognized by Israel in the near
future. The issue, he added, is a ‘golden bullet’ against Turkey,
which is not intended to be used yet. ‘Besides, there is a complex
in Israel; people there think only Holocaust must be recognized in
the world as genocide. This is an expression of egoism,’ he said.

According to Edward Abrahamyan, the issue of the Armenian Genocide
recognition will be used in the meetings, gatherings, but Israel does
not intend to recognize it yet.

From: A. Papazian

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