Political Prisoners Not Included In FIDH Statement: HAK


09:40 21.05.10

In a statement released yesterday the Armenian National Congress (HAK)
refers to a statement by Human Rights International Federation (FIDH)
on the occasion of a discussion of human rights record in Armenia
held in the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

HAK mentions that FIDH has joined to a series of records and
evaluations related also to March 1-2 events, such as violations
organized by authorities that caused deaths, the fact that those cases
have yet been properly examined, the independence of justice system,
restrictions on freedom of speech, media, rallies, illegally banning
independent TV channels from airing, etc.

"The fact that one of the most important issues – the existence of
political prisoners in Armenia – has not been involved in the list of
the really existing issues rouses suspicion, especially given that it
was seriously discussed during the discussion of the above-mentioned
UN report too," reads the statement.

Further HAK expresses hope that FIDH will find a way to correct
that lapse and include also the issue of political prisoners in
the statement.