630 Ha Of Forest – ‘Green’ Contribution To Fight Against Climate Cha


2010-05-21 14:37:00

ArmInfo. The first stage of the programme on mitigation of consequences
of the climate change through recovery of forest landscapes will be
over in Armenia at late May.

As Head of WWF Armenia Karen Manvelyan told ArmInfo, 63 Ha of
forest were planted in Lori region of Armenia within the frames of
the programme which started in 2008. Noteworthy, the territories,
where land degradation is observed, were mainly selected for forest
plantation. "So, we succeeded to kill two birds with one stone:
create new forest territories and do our bit in the fight against soil
degeneration", K. Manvelyan said. solution of social problems of the
local residents through creation of new jobs has become another plus
of the programme. "Forest planting is not a self-purpose, as it is
necessary to tend the planted trees for three years more. We hope that
the second stage of the programme, which includes not only tending
of the new forest, but also reforestation work in Syunik region,
will start in 2010. It is of special importance, as rare species of
animals, including a leopard, registered in the Red Book, inhabit in
the South of Armenia", Manvelyan said.

As Director of Armenia Tree Project Mher Sadoyan said, 1800 young
plants were displanted in the territory of 630 Ha. "We faced some
difficulties during the programme implementation. For example, it was
difficult to find territories for forest planting, as they had to meet
some criteria, including close location to rural communities. However,
the main problem was a tight schedule for the work performance",
Sadoyan said. To note, the cost of the programme makes up about
1.5 mln Euro. It is carried out by WWF- Germany, WWF-Caucasus and
WWF-Armenia in cooperation with Hayantar (Armenian Forest) SNCO and
Armenia Tree Project. The programme is financed by the German Federal
Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
(BMU) by the agency of KFW Bank.