Sharmazanov Says Ilham Aliyev’s Statement Incongruous


"The sultan having gained power on father-to-son basis once again
baffles everyone with his incongruous and ungrounded statements,"
Armenian MP, ARP spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov told
referring to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s statement made at
a joint press conference with Turkish PM Erdogan in Baku. recalls that Erdogan said at the joint press conference
with Aliyev in Baku that Azerbaijan approved Minsk Group recommendation
made at their previous meeting, yet official Yerevan hasn’t given
any answer. Ilham Aliyev said he wanted official Yerevan to approve
MG recommendation, too.

"If the experts’ views do not serve as basis for him, let the view
of the OSCE MG Co-Chairs do, since they have several times stated
that there are no updated Madrid principles, these are just working
recommendations. There is Madrid document and the talks are held
basing on it," Sharmazanov said.

According to him, as compared to Azerbaijan, the Armenian side has
clearly highlighted its further steps and as compared to Azerbaijan’s
sultan, the Armenian President acts in accordance with said-done

E. Sharmazanov said, it’s due to Armenia’s active efforts that in
Athens the OSCE MG Co-Chairs made the well-known statement on three
principles (national self-determination, territorial integrity,
non-use of force) and Azerbaijan has signed under it. As the Armenian
MP stated, unfortunately, Azerbaijan’s bellicose statements followed
immediately after this.

"Thus, Azerbaijan proved once again that its word doesn’t cost
a penny, since it signs the Athens document and then speaks from
the positions of force. Both Aliyev’s and Erdogan’s statement as if
Azerbaijan is acting from constructive positions is at least amazing,"
ARP spokesman said.

"It’s Azerbaijan that should withdraw is forces from Martakert and
Shahumyan regions," Sharmazanov said, adding that only after this
the sides can agree on concessions.

Specially for them let us recall that Nagorno-Karabakh status is the
cornerstone of the conflict and it cannot be part of Azerbaijan.

Moreover, I would advise, would urge Mr. Aliyev to follow the upcoming
parliamentary elections in Nagorno-Karabakh since they are several
times more democratic than those in Azerbaijan and let Nagorno-Karabakh
serve for them as an example for Azerbaijan to become as democratic
and not to make ridiculous or incongruous statements.