Agreement On Scientific Cooperation Between Armenia And Belarus

Anna Nazaryan

17.05.2010 16:33

An agreement on cooperation was signed today between the National
Academies of Sciences of Armenia and Belarus. The agreement prioritizes
three directions, on which researchers will work.

Following the signing ceremony President of the Armenian National
Academy of Sciences Radik Martirosyan awarded his Belarusian
counterpart Mikhail Myasnikovich with a Medal issued on the occasion
of the 80th anniversary of the Academy.

Belarus is interested in Armenia’s achievements in the fields of
information technologies and nuclear energy. Armenia, in turn, is
interested in Belarusian experience in spheres of space research and
digitalization of scientific results.

The Government of Belarus has worked out a tax policy, which encourages
the interested companies to invest in the field of science.

The proposal should be discussed with the Armenian Government, Radik
Martirisyan said.

It’s worth mentioning that Belarus has allocated $300 mln to the field
of science, while the Armenian state budget has assigned just $10
mln to the sphere, and this might create difficulties in implementing
the programs envisaged.