Ban Ki-moon calls Turkey to build on new relations with Armenia

Aysor, Armenia
May 22 2010

Ban Ki-moon calls Turkey to build on new relations with Armenia

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who is on a visit to Turkey to
participate and co-chair the international summit on Somalia, called
for Turkish authorities on Friday to be more active in solving its own
conflicts with Armenia and Cyprus.

"Let us build on your new diplomatic relations with Armenia," Ban said
in an address at Istanbul’s prestigious Bogazici University. "And let
us seize the opportunity in Cyprus. Talks resume next week. A
convergence of views is taking shape. We should seize this critical
moment," he said.

Ban Ki-moon arrived in Turkey to co-chair the three-day high-level
international conference on Somalia aiming at providing opportunities
for the global community to show solidarity with the Somali people.

Deep Purple’s Bass Guitarist Looking Forward To The Concert In Yerev


Deep Purple’s bass guitarist Roger Glover stated in an interview
to that he is looking forward to the band’s concert
in Yerevan.

"Ian Gillan said he had a great time and was happy about the
trip. As far as expectations go, I try not to have any. I prefer to
be surprised. I’ve found out over the years that preconceptions are
usually inaccurate", Roger Glover stated.

Deep Purple concert will take place at 19:00 on May 25 in the
Sport-Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan in Yerevan.

Answering the question of on how important it is for
Deep Purple to perform in a place the band has not performed yet,
Roger Glover stated:

"Every gig is important but it’s especially rewarding to visit new
places. I’m looking forward to it".

Bomb Alarm At STAR Supermarket Was False


2010-05-17 13:19:00

ArmInfo. The Rescue Service of Armenia was alarmed on May 16 at
1:00pm that a bomb would blast at the STAR Supermarket in Mashtots
Street 42 at 2:00pm. The Emergency Situation Ministry press-service
told ArmInfo the Natinoal Security Service, the Defense Ministry and
1-03 Service were informed immediately.

The National Security Service and the Police searched the supermarket
and revealed no bomb. The alarm was false.

Only Artsakh Has The Right To Decide On Liberated Territories


May 17, 2010 – 16:28 AMT 11:28 GMT

Chairman of Heritage party board, RA National Aseembly member Armen
Martirosyan said that if Turkey manages to become a regional power,
it will affect Armenia’s national security.

"Despite frantic efforts, Turkey will hardly succeed in achieving its
goal, as there are numerous problems inside the country. Besides, in
my opinion, superpowers will prevent Ankara from spreading influence
over the region," Martirosyan stressed.

Commenting on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit
to Baku and his intention to discuss the Karabakh conflict there,
he said: "I am against any territorial concessions, as the liberated
territories are fixed in the NKR Constitution and only Karabakh has
the right to decide on them. Surrender of even one village will have
grave consequences."

Besides, he emphasized the necessity of recognition of the NKR
independence by Armenia.

Agreement On Scientific Cooperation Between Armenia And Belarus

Anna Nazaryan

17.05.2010 16:33

An agreement on cooperation was signed today between the National
Academies of Sciences of Armenia and Belarus. The agreement prioritizes
three directions, on which researchers will work.

Following the signing ceremony President of the Armenian National
Academy of Sciences Radik Martirosyan awarded his Belarusian
counterpart Mikhail Myasnikovich with a Medal issued on the occasion
of the 80th anniversary of the Academy.

Belarus is interested in Armenia’s achievements in the fields of
information technologies and nuclear energy. Armenia, in turn, is
interested in Belarusian experience in spheres of space research and
digitalization of scientific results.

The Government of Belarus has worked out a tax policy, which encourages
the interested companies to invest in the field of science.

The proposal should be discussed with the Armenian Government, Radik
Martirisyan said.

It’s worth mentioning that Belarus has allocated $300 mln to the field
of science, while the Armenian state budget has assigned just $10
mln to the sphere, and this might create difficulties in implementing
the programs envisaged.

IRAN, ARMENIA: Booze And Relative Freedom Lure Iranians To Christian


Los Angeles Times
May 16 2010

Landlocked and still recovering from the decades of Soviet rule and
a war with Azerbaijan that quickly followed, Armenia may not be the
world’s most attractive vacation destination.

But for those living in the neighboring Islamic Republic, it’s a kind
of earthly paradise.

In March, 27, 600 Iranians spent Nowruz, the Persian New Year, in
the Armenian capital of Yerevan.

But late spring and summer — when the weather is comfortable,
delicious fruits are harvested and outdoor events are numerous —
tourists also come in droves.

An Armenian community leader in Tehran said up to 80% of Iran’s
Armenians, speculated to be as many as 500,000, travel to Armenia at
least once a year.

The visitors can enjoy Armenian shish kebab and rice pilaf with a
bottle of pomegranate wine or homemade liquor, or pick up a lahmajoun,
an Armenian thin-crust meat pizza, on the street.

"Iranians are looking for reasons to leave their country so they can
experience some freedoms," said Vanoohi Googasian, a Persian Armenian
tour guide living in Yerevan.

"It’s not about the specific holiday," she said. "It’s about Iranians
finding an excuse to leave their country to party."

While Armenia may not be your typical tourist destination, it’s
cheaper than other countries in the region and much more accessible.

In a world where Iranians feel unwelcome in most countries, they can
enter Armenia without applying for a visa in advance and hop on a
bus to cross a shared border.

In what is one of the region’s few Christian nations, Iranians can
drink alcohol, dress and dance freely — Iranian women can throw off
their headscarves while men enjoy the view of Armenian ladies in high
heels and skirts.

Out of Armenia’s four neighbors, Iran is arguably its most reliable.

Iran supplies Armenia with energy and electricity, and the two
countries are working together on other projects that will further
Armenia’s economic development.

Despite this friendly relationship, and the fact that Iranians spent
their holiday injecting much-needed cash into Armenia’s economy,
the Iranian influx is not wholly welcomed in Yerevan.

Because of the small size of Armenia’s capital and its essentially
mono-ethnic community, the Iranians’ presence feels unavoidable. It was
easy to spot the drunk Iranians on the streets, some of whom became
a public nuisance. But if they were drunk, it was because they were
buying Armenian cognac and drinking at Armenian bars, which is good
for the Armenian economy.

Iranians also come to Armenia during the summer for concerts of
banned musicians.

During Nowruz, the Iranian Armenian superstar Andy gave a concert in
Yerevan. The 52-year-old pop star sings in Armenian, English, Arabic
and Iranian, and is popular among Iranians and Iranian Armenians.

Since Iran’s 1979 Revolution, Andy’s music has been banned in Iran
due to strict government censorship of music recorded outside of
the country.

"Music in Iran is a complicated issue," said one Iranian tourist. "It
is forbidden to listen to certain pop music, so people come to Yerevan
to listen to singers give concerts. Andy, Dariush — not female
singers, of course, because women are not allowed to sing in Islam.

They can sing to themselves, but it is forbidden for anyone except
the husband to listen."

— Olivia Katrandjian in Yerevan, Armenia

Photos: Iranians gather, buy goods and stroll through the Armenian
capital of Yerevan. Credit: Edna Baghoumian / For The Times

Command Gatherings In NKR Defense Army


MAY 17, 2010

On May 11-15, gatherings were conducted in the defense army of
the Nagorno Karabakh Republic within the frameworks of the military
preparedness plan of the armed forces with participation of commanders
and officers.

Press service of the NKR defense army told Armenpress that both
theoretical and practical trainings were involved in the gatherings.

The program also included a number of demonstrative trainings which
concerned the application of hand-to-hand combat skills in the
conditions of a direct contact with a rival, and the system of the
military duty. The participants had an opportunity of not only watching
but also of getting acquainted with the methodical peculiarities of
organization of various events, of making an experience exchange and
of manifesting the own skills.

Public Education Is The Development Of The Child In The Whole


May 17 2010

"The public school in Armenia can’t be united as one; it will bring to
discrimination, inequality which is forbidden by all the international
laws," said today Ashot Bleyan and added that the education in Armenia
is Armenian, with exceptions of course.

According to the speaker there are Russian schools in Armenia where
the classes is in Russian, and which are functioning illegally for
17 years already.

A. Bleyan mentioned that Armenia has some duties towards the Armenian
language according the Armenian constitution. The Armenian language
should be developed and spread which is the duty of all the citizens.

"Otherwise, we have the experience of the Russian schools, when the
child doesn’t know Russian, but studies math, physics, and other
subjects in foreign language. The problem of the public school is
the development of the child in the whole," the speaker stressed.

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group Introduces System Of Social Benefits An


May 17, 2010

YEREVAN, May 17. / ARKA /. Areximbank-Gazpormbak Group said in a
press release it has introduced an expanded system of social benefits
for its staff. ‘to raise the level of their social protection, to
encourage leading specialists and make the staff feel more confident
about tomorrow.’

The system of benefits envisages additional paid leaves, material
benefits to employees wishing to marry, benefits are envisaged also
for employees who have three and more children, one-time pecuniary
assistance will be provided to those who have new born child. Monetary
assistance is also envisaged for employees whose family members die,
and to employees raising disabled children. The bank offers also a
unique benefit to employees who take a leave to look after newborn
children. For three years they will receive a monthly benefit.

According to the press release, the higher the grade of the
employee the smaller the amount of benefits. The bank has also
designed a preferential lending package for its employees. On May 2
Areximbank-Gazprombank’s assets stood at 48 billion Drams. It has 15
branches and 360 employees. ($1 – 386. 34 Drams.

US will soon appoint new ambassador to Azerbaijan -State Dept offici

Interfax, Russia
May 14 2010

U.S. will soon appoint new ambassador to Azerbaijan – State Dept. official

BAKU May 14

The United States plans to develop bilateral cooperation with
Azerbaijan, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and
Eurasian Affairs Tina Kaidanow told journalists at the Baku Airport
before departing from Azerbaijan.

Kaidanow met with the Azerbaijani president and foreign minister, and
the key message to them was that the U.S. has a very careful approach
toward a partnership with Azerbaijan and wants it to continue, she

A new U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan will be appointed soon, the
diplomat also said.

She also pointed to increasingly active efforts to resolve the
Karabakh conflict and reassured Azerbaijani officials that work in
this direction, along with two other nations co-chairing the OSCE
(Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) Minsk Group will