Turkey-Azerbaijan Military Coop Deepens to the Tune of $200 Million

Turkey-Azerbaijan Military Cooperation Deepens to the Tune of $200 Million
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
by Asbarez

AMMAN, Jordan (APA) – Turkish military assistance to Azerbaijan has
exceeded $200 million, said Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul
Wednesday. He added that Azerbaijan can take part in the lucrative
ATAK reconnaissance helicopter project.

`We have established cooperation [with Azerbaijan] in a number of
defense sector realms since Azerbaijan declared independence and this
process is continuing now,’ said Gonul, who is attending the SOFEX
2010 Special Forces Operations Exhibition in Amman.

Gonul said that Azeri soldiers have been training in Turkish
facilities and military schools for years.

Military cooperation agreements have already been signed between the
two countries and efforts are moving forward legally, he continued.

`We are the sons of the same nation. We are ready to cooperate with
Azerbaijan in all spheres,’ emphasized the Turkish defense chief.

Gonul said that Azerbaijan would be welcome to take part in the ATAK
helicopter project, which is a joint Turkey-Italy venture. The defense
chief added that the first phase of the project, which was the
production of the engines in the US, has been completed and the
project was on track.

Gonul was joined by his Azeri counterpart Yaver Jamalov is signing an
agreement for the joint production of nigh vision and thermal
observation devices. A second agreement envisions the joint production
of ammunition and other equipment.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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