Prof Michael Stone awarded certificate of honor by Min. of Diaspora

Professor Michael Stone was awarded the certificate of honor by the RA
Ministry of Diaspora for great contribution to development of Armenian
studies in Israel

YEREVAN, 15 MAY, NOYAN TAPAN: On May 13, RA Minister of Diaspora
Hranush Hakobyan received Professor at the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem Michael Stone. Minister Hakobyan expressed high appreciation
of the professor’s great contribution to the development of Armenian
studies in Israel and awarded him the Ministry’s certificate of honor
for his notable contribution to presentation of Armenian culture and
strengthening of friendly relations between Armenia and Israel. As the
Department of Media and Public Relations of the RA Ministry of
Diaspora told "NT", Stone is an author of numerous works on Armenian
studies. He and Nira Stone have printed a work entitled "The Armenian
Church" in the press. Stone is currently preparing the three-volume
book entitled "Adam and Eve in the Armenian tradition" in Dublin.
Expressing gratitude to the Minister for true appreciation of his
contribution to the sphere of Armenian Studies, the Jewish professor
mentioned that he has always admired Armenian culture his entire life
and has cordial ties with the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
Getting acquainted with the Ministry’s official website, the "Hayern
Aysor" online daily, as well as the books published by the order of
the Ministry, Mr. Stone stressed that the Ministry has completed a
tremendous amount of work and expressed the desire to have several
books on Armenian Studies. Minister Hakobyan donated the books and
expressed hope that they would truly help the professor in conducting
further studies.