Armenia and the UAE to sign agreement on Atomic Collaboration

Armenia and the UAE to sign an agreement on "Collaboration for use of
atomic energy for peaceful purposes"

YEREVAN, 15 MAY, NOYAN TAPAN: During its May 13 session, the Armenian
government gave consent to the signing of an agreement between Armenia
and the United Arab Emirates on "Collaboration for the use of atomic
energy for peaceful purposes".

As RA Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsisyan noted,
the proposal to sign an agreement in the sphere of atomic energy
studies was presented by the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs during
the visit to the UAE by the Armenian delegation headed by RA Deputy
Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan on 2010 January 17-20. According to
Movsisyan, the governments of Armenia and the UAE attach importance to
the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. It will assist in the
multifaceted development of economy, as well as contribute to advanced
developments of science and technology, the introduction of leading
technologies and provide the opportunity to preserve natural resources
for organic fuel.

The signing of the agreement envisages that the collaboration between
both countries in the atomic energy sphere will serve for the use of
atomic energy only for peaceful purposes and not for the creation of
nuclear weapons, other nuclear explosive devices or for achieving
other strategic goals. The agreement regulates the conditions for
investments being made within the framework of trade relations and
bilateral assistance projects throughout the collaboration, as well as
issues related to the defense and distribution of rights to
intellectual ownership and transit transfers of nuclear materials
through the territories of the states.

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