BAKU: Turkey Starts Diplomatic Attack To Resist Armenian Campaign On

April 21 2010

Turkey has sent a directive to all its diplomatic offices on the basis
of which it will resist the Armenian campaign regarding 1915 events.

According to Hurriyet, the directive consists of 10 points:

1) Contact and maintain ties with representatives of the Armenian
lobby in your country of residence. Invite them to your events

2) Visit their events and try to explain Turkey’s position

3) Representatives of the Armenian diaspora abroad are divided into
three groups. The first has made business on the issue of genocide
and the second group includes people who arrived from Turkey and
still have ties with our country and the third group is a category
of people who are hostile against Turkey. Contact the representatives
of all these groups and invite them to visit Turkey.

4) In the country of residence also contact Armenian diplomats and
invite them to your events

5) Do not avoid contacts with the Armenian and pro-Armenian press
and try to explain them Turkey’s position in your statements

6) Also contact the community of your country of residence to explain
the 1915 events,

7) Be in a constant contact with the diplomats of the Balkan, Middle
Asian, Middle Eastern and other countries close to Turkey and try to
resist Armenian propaganda through joint efforts.

8) Concentrate on the protocols signed with Armenia and remind the
point of creation of the historical commission to study "genocide".

9) Also explain the essence of the Turkish policy in the Caucasus
which wants to establish peace in this region.

10) Speak of the need to settle the Karabakh conflict to establish
peace in the region in your country of residence.

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