TCA Arshag Dickranian 8th Graders Visit Washington DC and New Year

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Los Angeles, April 13, 2010 – The 8th grade students of TCA Arshag
Dickranian School went on their March 26-31 six day educational trip to
Washington D.C. and New York., escorted by Ms. Alvard Uzunyan, their home
room teacher. The trip was organized by Armen Mkhsian and was accompanied
by several parents.

On their first day in Washington DC, the group toured the nation’s capital
exploring the memorial sites of presidents Thomas Jefferson, Abraham
Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Later in the afternoon, the group
visited the Arlington Cemetery, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Walls and
the Korean War Veterans Memorial, reflecting upon the soldiers who gave up
their lives for their country.

On day two, the students first visited the White House and after spending
valuable time, the group headed towards the National Mall observing
various statues and paintings of famous people in American history. While
there, the 8th graders also watched a documentary about the Revolutionary
War and the Independence of America, which they found very informative.

On their third day of the trip, the group was very excited to visit the
Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, where they spent three hours meeting
with the staff of the Embassy and touring the several rooms that display
artifacts from Armenia, such as rugs, statues and paintings.

The next morning, the group boarded their bus heading towards New York
with a short stop in Philadelphia to visit the Independence Hall and the
Liberty Bell. The students were amused with all the horse carriages in the
plaza. Upon arriving to New York City, the students spent the rest of the
day taking a stroll in Time Square with stops at Hershey’s and the
McDonald’s famed to be the biggest one in the world.
The final fifth and sixth days of the trip were spent by site seeing the
world famous and historic locations of New York such as the Wall Street,
the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, the meat packing factory
and Time Square.

Upon their return the students found their week long excursion very
enjoyable and informative, whereas parents expressed their high level of
satisfaction of the program and the way it was organized.

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