Azerbaijan Violated Ceasefire In Tavush For 1.5 Thousand Times


March 31 2010

Today, March 30, the OSCE mission realizes a regular scheduled
observation at Armenia-Azerbaijan border close to Berkaber village
of Ijevan region of Tavush province of Armenia.

As the reporter of the informs from Tavush region, this
time they conducted discussions in Tavush regional council on which
were present Anjey Kasperchik, the personal representative of the
OSCE chairman in office, his assistants and representatives of the
Armenian Armed forces.

The governor of the Tavush region Armen Ghularyan presented the
situation in the border close villages and mentioned that this year
the ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan have grew in number. They
have opened fires towards the villages like Chinari, Berkaber, Koti,
Aygevan. According to the Armenian side if during the last year
the ceasefire violations were around 4.5 thousand within the last 3
months of this year 1.5 thousand cases of ceasefire violation have
been recorded and even more.

There have been 3 cases of violations to the direction of Berqaber
village, as a result of which on February 24 one military servant
died. Not one times was violated Ijevan-Tavush road security. They
also open fire to the direction of the civic passenger cars.

A. Ghulyan also recorded that there are continuous shootings towards
the peaceful homes of Chinar village as well as Berqavan, here they
have recorded 20 cases.

The Armenian side mentions that the sharpshooter of the Azerbaijani
side uses new, stronger weapons than they used before.

The governor noticed that because of the violations of the Azerbaijani
side the peaceful inhabitants are not able to take up agriculture:
"Last year during the harvest time and this year on sowing period
we have made suggestions to provide the Armenian inhabitants with
security, but the suggestions have been rejected both times."

According to the Governor Azerbaijani media presents the failed
observation as it wants, forgetting that it was the Azerbaijani side
that refused the offers.

Thus the Armenian side suggests the OSCE observation group to become a
mediator for the resumption of the connection between the Azerbaijani
and Tavush communities interrupted for several years as well as the
communication between the military subdivisions, in order not to have
extreme situations in both sides.

A. Ghulyan added that the Armenian side is not violating the ceasefire,
the proof of which is the normal condition of the fields of the
Azerbaijani side, while the fields of the Armenians are not being

The reporter of informs that the observation has already
begun. It was to start in Koti village, but the Azerbaijani side
has demand to change the place of observation. And at present the
observation is conducted in Berkaber.

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