BAKU: Karabakh settlement ‘not a step nearer’ – Azerbaijani official, Azerbaijan
March 5 2010

Karabakh settlement ‘not a step nearer’ – Azerbaijani official
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Novruz Mammadov Azerbaijani official has commented on development of
relations in the region in the light of the resolution on the
so-called "Genocide" of Armenians.

‘The action of the US Congress and political circles in relation to
Turkey is a clear example of lack of fairness, prevailing in the
system of international relations. It has especially become obvious
after the Soviet collapse, when the world became unipolar and
dependent on Western policy. The world is undergoing a difficult
period, which goes into a protracted crisis resulting from the bias
and lack of basic fairness of the leading countries in conducting
foreign policy’, said Chief of Department of International Relations
of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Novruz Mamedov.

‘It seems very strange that the process of discussing fictional
`genocide’ of Armenians in the Committee on Foreign Relations of the
US Congress was hyped and broadcast on TV and radio. It seems that it
is a rigged and deliberate process, which is an element of pressure on
Turkey. By large it seems that the unfair and biased attitude to
Muslim peoples and countries has become common for the West.

For example, Section 907 in relation to Azerbaijan has not been
abolished despite repeated recognition of injustice of this amendment
by the United States and promises to repeal it,’ noted the Department
Head of the Presidential Administration.

‘Then what fairness and impartiality should Azerbaijan expect from the
leading powers in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict? Throughout
nearly 20 years of negotiations, the settlement of the
Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict has not become a step nearer largely at
the fault of the aggressor – Armenia. Against this background, it is
strange to see when suddenly in a year and a half the international
community initiates active Armenian-Turkish dialogue, while putting
unprecedented pressure on Turkey so that it opened the border with
Armenia. The question is, why for all these years a smaller part of
this pressure was not exerted on Armenia, which occupied Azerbaijani
lands, and therefore it is impossible to achieve stability and
prosperity in the South Caucasus’, Mammadov said

It’s no secret that the United States is the only player and a
superpower capable of solving or at least putting a strong pressure
on countries that pose a threat to regional stability. But for some
reason we have not seen such a strong position of the United States
and the world community in the South Caucasus in relation to Armenia.
On the contrary, by its steps the US Congress actually cheered and
supported the aggressor – Armenia’, concluded the Mammadov.