ARF MP: Postpone Mandatory Retirement Age to 67

ARF MP: Postpone Mandatory Retirement Age to 67
2010/03/05 | 15:01

soci ety
Natasha Harutyunyan

ARF MP Ara Nranyan stated today that there were many pensioners in
Armenia 65 years and older who are able and willing to work and said
he personally supported the idea of pushing back the mandatory
retirement age to 67.

When asked by this reporter why the age for receiving pensions had
been set at 63-67, when it was a known fact there are no jobs for most
people in Armenia over the age of 60, MP Nranyan said that he was
convinced that most people in this age bracket would prefer to work
rather than sitting at home and collect the paltry pensions now
afforded them. While supporting a later retirement age, MP Nranyan
qualified his statement by saying that new employment must be created
for these people in the private sector.