Ankara is outraged

Ankara is outraged

12:50 pm | March 05, 2010 | Politics

Turkey recalled its ambassador to Washington Thursday evening after a
congressional panel approved the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.
252). Turkey’s mass media are full of statements condemned the
decision of U.S. congressmen.

"I consider the decision unreasonable. It lacks respect to the Turkish
nation. The adopted resolution is far from the historical realities
and is incompatible with Armenia-Turkey relations. The decision will
significantly damage the stability and peace in Caucasus, as well as
the nations’ efforts to establish long-term good-neighborly relations.
I see this decision, following the political configuration, as
injustice to history. After this voting, Turkey does not claim
responsibility for negative results in any sphere," Turkish President
Abdullah Gul said following the decision of the U.S. congressional
panel to recognize the Resolution.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÃ?Â?an voiced serious concern over the
Resolution adoption and the government said the Resolution would harm
Turkish-American relations and prevent Armenian-Turkish peace deal.

"We condemn this resolution which accuses the Turkish nation of a
crime it has not committed," reads a statement of Turkey’s Government.

Note that Ankara recalled its ambassador to Washington, Namik Tan,
Thursday evening after the Committee approved of the resolution. Namik
Tan promised to inform about his further steps after consulting with
his government.

March 4, U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted Armenian
Genocide resolution (H.Res.252) with a vote of 23 to 22. After it was
put to the vote in Profile Committee, the Resolution will be submitted
to the House of Representatives for final vote.

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