Welcoming Address Of Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan …


22-0 2-2010

to the participants of the meeting with NKR National Assembly deputies
of all convocations in connection with the Artsakh Revival Day

Dear attendees,

I am glad to welcome all of you and congratulate all our compatriots
on the Artsakh Revival Day. Each of you carries the very symbol of
this day and has had a personal contribution to the realization of
the ideas of the national liberation movement. Many of our friends
have laid down their lives for victory of these ideas. Eternal glory
and honor to them! 20 February of 1988 became the starting point
of our national revival. We stood to defend our natural right for
free and independent life on our native land, for mastering our own
destiny independently and in correspondence with international norms
and principles. Azerbaijan reacted to our peaceful and just demand
with cruel and bloody war, which caused heavy human sacrifices and

The heroic people of Artsakh together with world spread Armenians
managed to withstand all the ordeals and chose the path of building a
democratic state. For us this way has been irreversible and final. We
are very much confident that every problem the contemporary world faces
can be solved exclusively in civilized manner, around the negotiation
table through direct dialogue. In contrast with this the authorities
of Azerbaijan continue to wage militaristic policy keeping their
own people in a situation of permanent tensions and the danger of
war resumption. These threats are vain and inappropriate. We have a
regular and efficient army that is ready to give a fitting rebuff to
any encroachment upon the security of our state and people.

Dear friends,

The NKR National Assembly of all convocations has played a
great role in building an independent statehood, forming state
institutions and consolidating democratic values. Soon there will
be new regular elections of the NKR National Assembly. For our
people it is a political event of utmost importance. And we should
do everything possible for these elections as always to be carried
out in correspondence with international standards and take us a step
forward Ïn the way of building a firm and prosperous future of Artsakh.

Thank you!


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