‘Say No To Corruption’ Campaign Kicked Off


Feb 18 2010

Armenia’s judicial system hasn’t the act of disqualifying, said expert
Hyke Harutyunian at the Round Table. "Under the 2007’s changes in law,
the judge alone makes a decision whether to approve motion to dismiss
or not. In addition, the made decision is final and doesn’t subject
to appeal," pointed the expert.

According to Hyke Harutyunian, in this connection, they have applied
to Advocate for Human Rights, who in his part will apply to the
Constitutional Court.

It’s worth mentioning, that the Round Table and these hearings are
being held in the framework of the "Say No to Corruption in our
Lives" programs by APRA and USAID. The programs’ chief objective is
to introduce to the society, media, and business the legal mechanisms
to protect their rights when they face corruption.

The campaign includes programs and projects to cover the cases of
fights against corruption in the courts via media resources.

In the framework of the campaign some 20 publications are released
on Aysor.am and Panorama.am on-line papers; a TV version is also

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