BAKU: Elections In"NKR" Next Farce, Azerbaijani FM

Feb 5 2010

Elkhan Polukhov Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry considers the attempt
to conduct parliamentary elections in Karabakh on 23 May 201 to be
the next farce.

"This is not the first time when the Armenian side attempts to play
another trick namlely "elections in the so-called ‘NKR’".

The statement came from spokesman for Azerbaijani FM Elkhan Polukhov
commenting on the order of the head of separatist formation of
Nagorno Karabakh Bako Saakyan to conduct parliamentary elections
in the occupied Azerbaijani lands on 23 May 2010. According to
Polukhov, "the Armenian side should reconcile with the fact that
the legitimization of the separatist puppet regime in the occupied
Azerbaijani lands is impossible".

"These steps create additional obstacles in the negotiation process.
The conflict can be settled only within the framework of the
territorial integrity of Azerbaijan which fully complies with the
norms of international law", the diplomat said.

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