"Le Massacre des Arméniens est un crime effroyable"

"Le Massacre des Arméniens est un crime effroyable"

GB : David Cameron

samedi22 mai 2010, par Jean Eckian/armenews

En réponse à un courrier envoyé par Eilian Williams (Solidarité avec
les victimes de tous les génocides, Nor Seround), le 13 Novembre 2007,
le nouveau Premier ministre britannique, David Cameron, par la voix de
son secrétaire David Beal, avait déclaré que "les massacres
d’Arméniens en Anatolie pendant et après la Première Guerre mondiale
était un crime effroyable perpétré contre l’humanité et une terrible
tragédie pour le peuple arménien, et il devrait être reconnu comme tel

Eilian Williams note que "cela va plus loin que toute réponse du
gouvernement travailliste précédent. Il sera appelé à honorer
l’engagement que (le crime) "devrait être reconnu comme tel".

Bien qu’il aille plus loin que ses prédécesseurs dans la qualification
des événements de 1915, David Cameron s’abrite également derrière les
mots. Tout en souhaitant l’adhésion de la Turquie dans l’Union
Européenne, il relève qu’aucun gouvernement britannique n’a trouvé de
preuves suffisantes au sujet de ces terribles événements pour les
classer en tant que génocide en vertu de la Convention de 1948 des
Nations Unies sur le génocide.

RA Defense Ministry: Azerbaijan threatens again

Aysor, Armenia
May 22 2010

RA Defense Ministry: Azerbaijan threatens again

Yesterday the Azerbaijani Medias spread a provocative statement of the
press speaker of the Azerbaijani Defense Minister about the Armenian
Army. By this statement it tries to condemn Armenia in violating the
ceasefire and shooting at the Azerbaijani positions. On this concern
the RA Defense Ministry spread a release which says:

`The Azerbaijani propaganda continues spreading false information for
hiding the screaming facts of murders and suicides that takes place in
their own army and puts the blame of losses on the Armenian side. The
frequency of the accidents and deaths in Azerbaijani army grows and is
presented as skirmish.’

In this concern the RA Defense Ministry iforms that the Armenian Armed
Forces keep the regime of ceasefire and take up actions only for
restraining the encroachments of the rival.

In the same time the Defense Ministry informs that the subdivisions of
the Armenian Army are wakeful and careful, and even the smallest
attempt of the rival to break the boarder will be punished, informed
the press and information department of the Armenian Foreign Ministry.

Azeri Delegation Disallows Its Weightlifter From Participating In Aw


May 20, 2010 – 20:30 AMT 15:30 GMT

Armenia’s Vladik Karapetyan (w.c. 62kg) won gold at the European
Youth Weightlifting Championships in Valencia. Karapetyan lifted
253kg in the snatch, clean and jerk combination, taking the lead
over the Azerbaijani and Turkish weightlifters – Firudin Guliyev and
Emre Buyukunlu.

After Firudin Guliyev’s 3rd attempt to lift 145kg in "clean and
jerk" discipline, Azeri delegation appealed against the decision by
arbiters. Upon receiving negative response, the delegation forbade
its sportsman from participating in award ceremony.

‘Brilliant Proposal On Turkey-Armenia Relations In The Works,’ Says


Thursday, May 20th, 2010

(Combined Sources)–Turkey and Armenia allegedly have agreed to be
"silent for some time" and evaluate a new, "brilliant" idea on the
table regarding Turkey-Armenia relations, Turkey-US Inter-parliamentary
Friendship Group and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)
foreign relations deputy chairman Suat Kınıklıoglu said Wednesday,
reported Today’s Zaman.

Speaking at an event hosted by a think-tank in Washington,
KınıklÄ&#xB 1;oglu said: "There is something new on the table. I cannot
go into detail, but there is a brilliant proposal on Turkey-Armenia
relations and it is up to the Armenians to accept or reject this,"
according to Today’s Zaman.

"We are very close to the normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations. I
am for the normalization of our relations with Armenia. The
normalization will take place with the political will of the Turks
and Armenians," Kınıklıoglu added, as reported by Today’s Zaman/

Two members of Armenia’s ruling Republican Party called the
Kiniklioglu’s assertion false and a lie.

Armenian National Committee of America Governmental Relations Director
Kate Nahabedian was at the event and asked Kiniklioglu to clarify
the reasons why Turkey signed the protocols if it had no intention
of abiding by its "no pre-conditions" principle.

"Thank you for raising the issue of the protocols I am one of the
most outspoken proponents of the protocols. Indeed in 2009 we thought
we were very close, but the process is continuing and no one at the
outset thought it was going to be easy," said the Turkish leader.

Saying that no one thought the process would be easy, Kinikiaoglu
offered: "Let’s look at the positives, now we have two documents in
detail outlining how normalization should take place."

"I think we have a much more psychologically ready atmosphere on both
sides that normalization is possible and can take place. Actually,
Azerbaijan has, in recent months, shown a much more constructive and
positive attitude to the extent that I continue to be optimistic as
I was in 2009," explained Kinikiaoglu.

"Now let me footnote. Turkey is not blockading Armenia. The land
border is closed with Armenia. The land border is closed. Blockading
is something very different. Airspace is open, there are–every
week–I don’t know how many aircraft landing from Armenia, trade is
continuing through Georgia to Armenia and people to people contact,
be it an NGO or intellectuals, is continuing. Now let’s be fair and
not use the word blockade. Turkey is not blockading Armenia. The land
border is closed," explained Kinikiaoglu.

Armenia Is Burning Bridges: Hurriyet Comments On Nalbandyan’s Disavo


15:59 21.05.10

Armenia is burning the bridges with Turkey, writes local Turkish daily
Hurriyet commenting on a statement Armenian Foreign Minister Edward
Nalbandyan made earlier today at a press conference in Yerevan with
his Argentinean counterpart Jorge Taiana.

Asked whether or not are the recent statements by Turkish media true
that there is a new document on the negotiation table between Armenia
and Turkey, Nalbandyan said that it was "an outright lie."

"Armenia’s Foreign Minister simply denied the news that a new roadmap
has been created by Ankara and Yerevan after Armenia’s decision to
suspend the ratification of the [Armenia-Turkey] Protocols," writes
Hurriyet, quoting a recent statement by Party Suat Kiniklioglu,
Deputy President of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development.

"But Armenia’s Foreign Minister, by calling Kiniklioglu’s words as
rumors, did not want to make any comment about the topic."

Interestingly, earlier Hurriyet reported that Ankara had reached
an agreement with Washington and Moscow upon a new roadmap which
envisages the pull-out of the Armenian troops from the Fizuli and
Kelbajar regions, assuming that Azerbaijan will in return open its
border with Armenia.

7.2% GDP Growth Recorded In Armenia In January-April 2010


May 20, 2010 – 15:09 AMT 10:09 GMT

According to updated statistical data, 7.2% GDP growth was recorded
in Armenia in January-April 2010, as compared with the same period of
2009. The GDP amounted to AMD 777.6 bln in April, decreasing by 5.9%
as compared with March, the National Statistical Service of Armenia

Besides, 8% growth was recorded in consumer prices in January-April
2010, as compared with the same period of 2009. Inflation was up 1.3%
in April 2010, as compared with March.

The 2010 national budget envisages 1.2% economic growth and 4 ± 1.5%
inflation in Armenia.

BAKU: ‘Armenia May Soon Fall Out Of General Scene Of Regional Archit


May 20 2010

Elnur Aslanov An international conference "Socioeconomic development
of South Caucasus countries: problems and prospects" started in Moscow
on May 20.

Azerbaijan’s ambassador in Russia Polad Bulbuloghlu spoke at the
conference noting that an information campaign is held against him
in Armenian mass media and mass media close to them. Azerbaijani
diplomat commented on the groundless accusations against him by
Armenian ambassador in Russia Oleg Yesayan who said Bulbuloglu
"incites national enmity and war".

The Azerbaijani ambassador in Russia said that the return of the
occupied lands is an official position of Azerbaijan that has a right
to restore the territorial integrity of the country by any means. Then
spoke the president of the Russia-Azerbaijan association of friendship,
rector of the Russian State Humanitarian University Yefim Pivovar.

After him, the speaking was Elnur Aslanov, chief of the political
analysis and information department of Azerbaijan’s Presidential

"Being always aware for a dialogue, Azerbaijan offers Armenia to
take a more rational and constructive stance. The early 21st century
is a time to understand the realities of intensive geopolitical
perturbations. Armenia may soon fall out of the general scene of
regional architecture. The basis for this is its irrational position
on the resolution of the Karabakh conflict and other issues of regional
policy", Aslanov said.

Also speaking were editor-in-chief of the Vestnik Kavkaza information
and analytical portal, Russian political scientist Alexei Vlasov,
independent Azerbaijani political scientist Rasim Musabeyov,
director of the Alternative center of actual research Chebotarev A.E.

Azerbaijan is represented by director of the Center of Strategic
Research of Azerbaijan Elkhan Nuriyev, MP Asim Mollazade, chief of
department of political analysis and information of Azerbaijan’s
presidential administration Elnur Aslanov, leading consultant of
the department of political analysis and information of Azerbaijan’s
presidential administration Farhad Mammadov and independent political
expert Rasim Musabeyov.

The conference is expected to be attended by famous Russian political
scientists and experts in the sphere of regional and international

Scientific Ties Between Armenia And Belarus Have Serious History


18.05.2010 15:39

President Serzh Sargsyan today received the President of the Academy
of Sciences of Belarus, Mikhail Myasnikovich.

Greeting the guest, President Sargsyan said the Armenian-Belarusian
scientific ties have a serious history. "We all remember the successful
cooperation between the Academies of Sciences of the two countries in
Soviet times. Unfortunately, the ties were broken after the collapse
of the USSR. However, I’m sure that we are marking a new start of
cooperation," President Sargsyan said.

President of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich
noted that people in his country have a warm attitude towards Armenia
and the Armenian people. "The two peoples have much in common – we
both create everything with our own intellect, strength and diligent
work," he noted.

The parties exchanged views on the opportunities of development of
science in the two countries, noting that the agreement signed between
the Academies of Sciences of Armenia and Belarus opens new perspectives
for cooperation between the scientific circles of the two countries.

Czech Prime Minister Visits Armenia



A delegation headed by Czech Republic Prime Minister Jan Fischer
arrived in Yerevan yesterday on a two-day working visit. Welcoming
the delegation to the Office of Government, Prime Minister Tigran
Sargsyan had private talks with his Czech counterpart followed by an
extended meeting of the two delegations.

In greeting the guests, PM Sargsyan stated that the two sides had
followed up on their previous meeting in Prague and that concrete
cooperation proposals had been placed on the table. "At the same time,
I am convinced that today’s meeting your visit and the Armenian-Czech
business forum will give a strong boost to bilateral relationship,"
PM Sargsyan noted.

Thanking for a warm welcome, Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer said
to be hopeful that his visit would be a step forward on the way to
strengthening bilateral ties.

The head of the Armenian government made a point of expanding of the
legal framework applicable between the two countries.

Information technologies, energy, construction of small HPPS, mining
and chemical industries, education, tourism, sport and youth affairs
were cited as priority areas of cooperation. Tigran Sargsyan stressed
the need for expanding and strengthening cultural linkages which is
due to build on the existing ties of friendship.


RA Ministry Of Finance Establishes Working Group To Deal With Accusa


May 18, 2010 – 11:53 AMT 06:53 GMT

A working group to deal with Ukraine’s accusation of violations of
rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) was formed in Armenian
Ministry of Finance.

As a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter was told in the Ministry, discussions
are under way but introduction of amendments in the tax legislation
demands time.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy revealed a discriminatory taxation of
Ukrainian tobacco products in Armenia. Kyev is planning to settle
the issue with the help of WTO mechanisms, as in case with Georgia.

Informal consultations with Armenia have already started.