BAKU: UN Not Directly Involved Into Karabakh Conflict Settlement

Feb 4 2010

Ban Ki-moon "UN is not directly involved in the resolution of the
Karabakh conflict.

The leading role belongs to OSCE and the questions about this conflict
should be addressed to this very organization", UN Secretary General
Ban Ki-moon has said in his interview.

According to the secretary general, there is a need to intensify
cooperation of international structures in Afghanistan under the
UN auspices.

"Though my special envoy is responsible for coordination of
international civil efforts, the UN mission on assistance to
Afghanistan should be consolidated by officials who have necessary
experience and are able to hold negotiations with the governments of
the main donor-countries and embassies in Kabul.

In this connection, my special envoy also considers that the
appointment of the senior civil official within the framework of
the International Security Assistance Forces raises coordination of
efforts in the political sphere and in the sphere of development,
in particular, of the provincial groups on reconstruction to ensure
their greater adherence to Afghan plans and priorities".

As for the steps taken by UN to protect human rights in Iran, the
secretary general said:

"I have repeatedly urged the Iranian authorities to respect the main
civil and political rights, especially freedom of speech, freedom of
assembly and freedom of information.

The situation in Iran causes concerns among the international
community. In this respect, I call the government and opposition to
settle their differences legally and through dialogue.

Also, my high human rights commissioner Navy Pillay continues watching
the situation in Iran voicing his clear concerns over the treatment
of activists by the government".

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