BAKU: Azerbaijani MP: U.S. Congress’ Recognition Of "Armenian Genoci


Feb 4 2010

Day.Az interview with member of Azerbaijani Milli Majlis (parliament)
Gudrat Hasanguliyev.

Many expert argue that the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
requires shift in positions of the great powers. Do you expect any
changes in their positions?

I do not think that the position of states involved in the Karabakh
peace process has changed in recent times. They remain committed
to their opinion ignoring interests of Azerbaijan which requires
to resolve the conflict based on international law. Besides, I do
not see prospects for a shift in the positions of these powers. All
these do not promise bright prospects for a peaceful solution to the
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

In your opinion, can the U.S. Congress neglect the country’s national
interests and recognize the "Armenian genocide" if Turkey fails to
ratify the Zurich protocols signed with Armenia?

I believe when we talk about neglect of national interest in U.S.

relations with Turkey, we should not refer to future. Washington
has already neglected its relations with Ankara. As you know, many
Congressmen and other U.S. officials are dependent on the Armenian
diaspora in the States. Therefore, the issue of "Armenian genocide"
is regularly raised in the United States which also provides support
to the separatist regime of Karabakh.

The U.S. Congress is constantly blackmailing Ankara by recognition
of the "Armenian genocide" seeking to control Turkey’s foreign
policy. Of course, the U.S. Congress is less likely to adopt such a
decision because it would mark end of the Turkish-American strategic

But I think U.S. Congress’ recognition of the "Armenian genocide" would
play into the hands of Turkey. Because this would end Washington’s
blackmail to Ankara enabling Turkey to pursue more free foreign
policy. At present, Ankara wants to establish closer cooperation with
the Turkic countries, as well as with Russia.

Moreover, I believe that in event the United States recognizes the
"Armenian genocide", Turkey should withdraw from NATO and join
together with Azerbaijan the CSTO, which already has a Turkic
state. I think that Turkey’s withdrawal from the pro-Western NATO
and accession to the CSTO is much easier than NATO accession for
other Turkic states. Thus, influence of the Turkic countries in
the military-political organization like CSTO will increase many
times, and, most importantly, our countries will be together in one

Does not Armenia’s presence in the CSTO bother you?

Not at all. This should bother neither Azerbaijan nor Turkey. On
the contrary, Armenia could lose one-sided support of Russia in the
Karabakh issue, even in the event of resumed hostilities. Moreover,
in case of war with Armenia, Russia will no longer be able to
unequivocally support Yerevan. I think accession to the CSTO is in
line with common interests of Moscow, Baku and Ankara since the West
has already denied support to Azerbaijan.

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