PACE Wants Azerbaijan To Be More Democratic

19:26 / 01/25/2010

The Council of Europe (CE) wants to see more democratic Azerbaijan
and will continue working both with this and with other countries of
the region, Lluís Maria de Puig, the newly retired president of the
CE Parliamentary Assembly, stated at a press conference on January 25.

"Our wish is that Azerbaijan should show itself a more democratic state
meeting the CE’s standards," Lluís Maria de Puig said. He pointed
out that the CE is ready to render any assistance to Azerbaijan in
this process. Summing up his work as PACE President, Lluís Maria de
Puig pointed out that it was not easy, but he is satisfied with it.

The PACE ex-president also remembers many events especially the
election of the CE Secretary General and "Georgian-Russian war." Lluís
Maria de Puig intends to continue working at PACE. He is a member of
three PACE committees and calls on the newly elected PACE President
to disseminate PACE’s values.

The Turkish Parliament member Mevlut CavuÅ~_oglu was elected PACE
President on January 25, 2010.

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