‘Armenian Court’s Decision Is Not Turkey’s Business’


Jan 19 2010

"Armenia’s Constitutional Court has set right those mistakes and defect
in Armenia-Turkey protocols which were let go by foreign ministry and
pointed out by opposition," told journalists leader of the Democratic
Party of Armenia Aram Sarkisian.

He said Constitutional Court in its decision has clearly stated that
the border wasn’t closed by Armenia. Besides, it said Armenia hasn’t
had and doesn’t have bilateral obligations with Turkey. Armenia has
only a task to open the checkpoint at the border, said Aram Sarkisian.

I agree with wording ‘practical border’ and ‘common border’, he added.

When asked about statement by Turkey’s foreign ministry on Court’s
decision on the protocols, Aram Sarkisian said that decision is not
Turkey’s business.

"Turkey can try to fasten down negotiations or even reject protocols.

We should understand that we must go with interests of our own,
of our state," said Aram Sarkisian.

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