No Discontent Within SDHP


Interview with the SDHP head Lyudmila Sargsyan

Events happening within the SDHP party seem not to have ended yet. The
wing separated from the SDHP issued a message on your congress
qualifying it as illegal and adding that the congress convened in
December is in force. What would you say in this connection?

There are no such events happening within the SDHP any more because
there are no such people within the party who created unhealthy
atmosphere. There is no such a conception as a second wing of the
SDHP because they act in an illegal field. And if you noted we dwell
on none of their statements and do not respond to them. What they do
are just attempts to recall about them.

But they present themselves as SDHP and say they will bring an action
against you for taking the SDHP stamp from them.

If they manage to create grounds to appeal to the court let them do
that. Even if the country and the courts are illegal, in order to
appeal to the court they need grounds. In this case they do not have
grounds. What documents they are going to present against our decision
during the congress. Everything was legal. We have no problem because
we are in the field of law unlike them. If the SDHP Central Board
does not find force to punish those really guilty for the SDHP split,
Sedrak Ajemyan and Vahan Shirkhanyan, so they deserve that wing,
let them cooperate with a non-existing structure.

Is the Armenian structure possible to separate from the pan-Hnchakyan

Our unity with the pan-Hnchakyan structure has a symbolic character.

We considered it very important. And as the Armenian Constitution let
us, we took into account that structure and considered us a member
of the family. But if that family is not healthy and is against its
child, it is their problem. We are going to continue our struggle to
restore the constitutional order in the country within the rows of
the HAK. If the SDHP Central Board does not appreciate the unity of
the Armenian structure, I wish them good luck, hoping we will one
day again be in the same family. We are always ready to cooperate
with the SDHP Central Board but if we do not get the same response,
we will go on working in the Armenian political field alone.

During your speech at the congress you stated that you would give
possibilities for prodigals. Do you hope they will pay attention to
your statement?

I do not need to hope. We do not want to call back those people who
do not want to understand the reality, to realize their mistakes,
but we just give them opportunities to correct them. Our doors are
open to those who understand their being prodigals and want to correct
their mistakes.

What would you say in connection with the fact that those expelled
from the SDHP assessed the by-election at the Constituency No. 10
as rigged and supported the HAK, on the other hand the HAK considers
you the real SDHP and cooperates with you more, Levon Ter-Petrosyan
addressed your congress?

SDHP head Lyudmila Sargsyan signed the declaration on joining the HAK.

As to their statements, sitting at home, everyone may make any kind of
statement, as if they support Nikol Pashinyan or that the election is
rigged without participating in rallies or electoral campaign. When
youths who left the real field of struggle sit at home and makes
statements, the real SDHP struggles. And the political field sees
who in reality fights.

Interview by ARMAN GALOYAN

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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