Armenian defence minister hails peacekeepers going to Afghanistan

Armenian Second TV Channel, Armenia
Jan 9 2010

Armenian defence minister hails peacekeepers going to Afghanistan

[Presenter] Armenian peacekeepers will expand the geography of
missions this year. The cause of protecting the Afghan people will be
added to the efforts of protecting Iraq and Kosovo. Our boys will be
included in the German subdivision and will be subordinated to NATO’s
northern regional command. In February, 40 Armenian peacekeepers will
be entrusted with protecting the airport in Kunduz.

[Passage omitted: correspondent reports from a military unit, saying
Armenia participates in global peacekeeping missions]

[Correspondent reports over video of Armenian Defence Minister Seyran
Ohanyan attending a military unit; peacekeepers marching] Thirty six
Armenian riflemen, three communication officers and one military
doctor will leave for Afghanistan in February to protect civilians of
the country. Our boys will carry out their duties as part of a
multinational force, in particular as part of the German subdivision
and will ensure security of an airport in Kunduz city. Before
departure, the Armenian brigade will pass a three-week training in

[Ohanyan speaking in a military unit] Armenia cannot but take part in
those events aimed at establishment of international stability and
peace, which requires joint efforts. This stems from peculiarities of
national security and priorities and fundamental values of the
Republic of Armenia.

[Correspondent] Incidentally, the number of those, who wanted to join
the group, was great, which is in particular connected with the great
number of applications of those, who served in Afghanistan in the time
of the Soviet Union.

[Ohanyan speaking to soldiers] I assure you that by carrying out your
mission in Afghanistan, making a small contribution to the cause of
ensuring international security, you are providing an invaluable
service to our motherland and also to international community.

[Correspondent-read report over video of Ohanyan shaking hands with
peacekeepers standing in a row] We would like to remind you that at
present, Armenians are fighting for peace in Kosovo. Our 70-strong
representation already has the ninth shift. Armenian peacekeepers, who
started their mission in 2005 in the Greek battalion, have already
accumulated quite an amount of skills. Iraq and Kosovo have paved a
route of experience for the Armenian brigade and our boys successfully
work in Kosovo’s southern [name of city unclear]. The boys, who are
going to Afghanistan, will be expected in Yerevan in August and

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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