Gagik Khachatryan: Corruption Impossible To Root Out

Dec 29 2009

I do not rule out shadow turnover in different economic sectors, which
are difficult to calculate, as no documents are available," Gagik
Khachatryan, Head of the RA State Revenues Committee told reporters.

He said that despite the crisis and decline in economic activity profit
tax revenues have been 3bn more this year than last year. This means
that the real profits have so far been concealed. As self-criticism,
he said that the Committee has corruption risks, which will never be
put an end to. "The point is how effective is our corruption control,"
he said. According to Khachatryan, businessmen cause many more problems
than the Committee staff. Good heavens! But we keep saying: oligarchs
and monopolists!

Khachatryan said that 400 officers have left the Committee this
year for the following reasons: disagreement with new rules, failed
examinations and paltry wages. Just note! None of them left for any
other reason though Committee staffers’ official wages are meager as
compared with wages in the private sector.

Today, December 29, 24 of the Committee staffers received diplomas
and were commended.

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