The Issue Of Oligopoly


During a press conference on December 25, Tigran Sargsyan, at the
request of reporters, dwelt on the issue of fight against oligopoly.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had stated that Armenia has to ensure equal
competitive conditions for the development of economy. Going into
details and dwelling on oligopolies and monopolies, Tigran Sargsyan
said oligopoly does not mean monopoly. Tigran Sargsyan noted the
measures of the committee for the defense of economic competition
are to be enhanced, as well as its analyzing possibilities. Besides,
Tigran Sargsyan said we need to better the tax administration as well
as to set mechanisms through making amendments to the legislative field
which will enable to set clearly an official’s being a proprietor for
the responsibility to be also clear. According to Tigran Sargsyan,
our officials have right to own a property because the mechanism of
separation is not clear, it is difficult to speak by concrete names.

According to Tigran Sargsyan, the problem is in the system and
nothing is decided by one or two people. "Oligopolies do not stand for
monopolies because we have decades of enterprises in numerous fields
that provide goods for different fields, carry out services but the
same, we register that there are oligopolies", says Tigran Sargsyan.

According to him, decades of enterprises reconciled with the current
rules of the game and this is the problem and not the fact that there
is corruption within the governmental system which the prime minister
himself admits.

Tigran Sargsyan notes that the adoption of the tax package was an
important step on the way of the solution of this problem which set for
500 major enterprises to release their audit data and audit is going
to be obligatory for such companies. "The works in these directions,
within 4-5 years, will give their fruits", says Tigran Sargsyan.

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