‘Riga’s Shprots’ Impediment To Armenia-Latvia Relations


15:12 ~U 11.12.09

The Latvian delegation, which is in Armenia for an official visit, have
uncovered Latvian products in local stores, including what is known as
‘Riga’s shprots’ (a type of fish). But, according to a representative
of one of the largest fishing businesses in the Baltics, Colombia LLC,
Igor Krupnik, those shprots are not subject to use.

"Those shprots are just nonsense. There are good fruits in Armenia,
peach, apricots, and apart from that, cognac and other products. But
it’s not worth it to cull such fish. Fish must be harvested near
the sea," noted Krupnik, while speaking to journalists during the
Armenian-Latvian business forum.

According to Krupnik, such inauthentic products enjoy great
recognition because of their names; for instance, in the case of
‘Riga’s shprots.’ "It is [such actions] that ruin the mutual relations
between the two countries. We will look into the issue," noted Krupnik.

Journalists attempted to shed some light on the issue, asking RA
Minister of Economy Nerses Yeritsyan to comment on the Latvian
businessman’s statement.

"If the Latvian side appeals to us, then we will look into the issue,"
said Yeritsyan. At the same time, the minister found it difficult to
answer whether shprots were being harvested in Armenia. In his opinion,
the raw material is imported and preserved in Armenia.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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