Karabakh Issue Blocks The Region



The Caucasian Journalists net () today held
a regular interview this time with the former NKR Foreign Minister
Arman Melikyan.

In answer to Lragir.am question whether the settlement of the
Karabakh issue came closer or went further in the context of the
latest developments in the Armenian and Turkish relations, Arman
Melikyan said that both the Armenian and Turkish and the Karabakh
processes are to be viewed in the global context of establishment
of new global order. According to him, the Karabakh issue has its
geopolitical concrete function. "Besides the fact that this question
became the reason of fight of neighboring countries, it also became
the tool for the solution of issues between superpowers. The Karabakh
issue blockades the region – this is its geopolitical function. The
appearance of such a factor as the Armenian and Turkish relations may
promote the blockade of the region because considering the specificity
of the Turkish-Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, it may become the
locomotive of the settlement of the Karabakh issue.

Now, the significance of the Armenian and Turkish relations is
sometimes being exaggerated. The Armenian and Turkish dialogue is
possible not to take place. I mean the level of practical steps and
decisions will follow the current propaganda level. To some extent,
the failure of the Armenian and Turkish normalization process may
become a signal that no decision on the Karabakh issue will be in
the nearest future. I think, within the upcoming half year, something
decisive from this point will happen", said Arman Melikyan.