Ireli Public Union Chairman: Azerbaijani Diaspora Should Be Formed A




Below we present Trend News interview with Azerbaijan’s Ireli Public
Union Chairman Ceyhun Osmanli published by the Azerbaijani news agency on December 10.

Trend News: – The Diaspora’s role in informing the world community
of the truth about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Azerbaijan is
indispensable. Are you satisfied with the activities of the diaspora
in this direction?

Ceyhun Osmanli: – An action will be held outside the Euronews office
at French young people’s initiative on Dec. 11. The Diaspora must
not be a matter only of volunteers.

Diaspora must be formed as an institution. There must be professional
employees in the diaspora working on a permanent basis in the cities,
which are important for Azerbaijan, and getting salaries. Today
there is a need for special attention to this area. The diaspora’s
activity is at a satisfactory level in some cities and countries
as opposed to other countries. This issue is related to people. The
work is better organized if people are more experienced. For example,
Azerbaijani diaspora in London was always active. We are satisfied
with its activity.

It is incorrect to blame volunteers. There is a need to form the
diaspora as an institution. Employees of the Jewish Diaspora are
those who have graduated from the faculties of diasporas in different
universities. They are experienced people in this area.

Their salaries are higher and paid constantly. Azerbaijani diaspora
operates at the level of voluntary participation. The chairman of
the organization has affairs to do.

He can not pay attention to Diaspora affairs. It is necessary to
use managers of the diaspora. The Azerbaijani diaspora’s work, its
psychology, and look at the issue must be studied. The policy must be
determined in accordance with the mentality of each country. Views of
the Russians and the English on this issue is different. The policy
aimed to these countries must be introduced. There is a need for a
special relation to this issue. We see a lack of social managers.

– Is Azerbaijani youth’s political activity at the proper level?

– Political activity of the population is measured by membership
in political parties. There is an electorate of five million in
Azerbaijan. But approximately 500,000 people are members of political
parties. If members of the parties hit 10 percent of electorate,
then the political activity is not enough.

Activity among young people is higher. There are enough active
people among young people. Interest of young people for the municipal
elections is great. It testifies that attitude of people towards these
issues changes by the gradual development of democratic institutions,
organizations in the country. They become more active.

– How do you assess young candidates’ chances in parliamentary

– I hope that the political activity of young people will increase in
the next parliamentary elections. Activity in the municipal elections
gives us hope that young people will be more active in parliamentary