At Invented Epidemic A/H1N1 Pharmacists Earned 7 Billion Euros



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Scientists from several countries have accused the World Health
Organization (WHO) in that it declared the pandemic of swine influenza
in the interest of large pharmaceutical companies. According to
experts, pharmacists have earned on the epidemic up to 7 billion
euros. At the same time anywhere in the world death rate from swine
flu did not exceed mortality from seasonal influenza. WHO insist that
the epidemic was declared by all the rules.

The British newspaper Guardian Òhe and some European media have
published the views of independent epidemiologists – Englishman
Thomas Jefferson from the independent association of scientists and
the Cochrane Collaboration his colleagues from the United States
William Engdahl, – accuse the WHO of inflating the risk of swine flu.

Scientists believe that the WHO’s lead expert associated with
the pharmaceutical companies. According to Jefferson, a team of
WHO experts, in particular the head of strategic advisory group on
Influenza British Professor David Salisbury, "gets them a salary and
working with them. Independent experts believe that the panic over the
virus A/H1N1 provoked WHO experts, a virologist from the Netherlands
Ostenhaus Albert, who was in professional circles the nickname Dr.

Influenza. Ostenhaus many occasions expressed deadly swine flu and
urged European countries to mass vaccination, writes Kommersant-Ukraine

According to independent scientists, such policies led to WHO in June
this year, announced the upgrade of the threat of swine flu pandemic to
the maximum, the sixth level in the interests of business structures,
although the mortality rate from this disease did not exceed the death
rate from normal seasonal influenza. According to the latest WHO data,
in the world of him died 7826 people. The last time the WHO announced
on the sixth level of the pandemic in 1968, when the Hong Kong strain
of influenza virus have died around 1 million people.

WHO’s decision to declare a pandemic caused panic around the world.

Governments of various countries contributed to the purchase of drugs
from the swine flu at least 7 billion euros. The organization strongly
recommended for the prevention and treatment of disease, only two
drugs – manufactured by Roche Tamiflu and Relenza (manufacturer –
GlaxoSmithKline). According to the company Roche, in 2008, sales of
Tamiflu were about $600 million, and in 2009, projected the company,
the sale will total $2.6 billion