International Public Interest

James Hakobyan

A few days ago, the society, the opposition and even the Armenian
authorities were waiting with bated breath how the Obama and Erdogan
meeting in Washington was going to end Washington and how it will
affect the Armenian-Turkish relations. And this is quite symptomatic
of Armenia.

The behavior of the authorities is especially symptomatic. The power,
in theory, should be a "trendsetter" for the political circles and
the society. And in this case the power should have told the public
that it is not necessary to look back on Washington and wait, as
there will administer our destiny. While it is understandable why
the political circles and the society of Armenia are trying to find
the solution of problems of Armenia in Americas. The point is that
the whole policy of the Armenian authorities in recent years has been
directed to the fact that Armenia has ceased to be a political factor
in the regional. And the socio-political circles not only did not
try to take steps to return the Armenian factor, but they easily to
reconcile with this idea, waiting for power to slip somewhere abroad,
and at last they will reign over the ruins.

And the authorities, knowing that everyone is waiting for its failure,
but realizing that in the coming years no fiasco is likely to happen,
happily arranged in the Armenian thinking, every day becoming firmer
and firmer in Armenia, although losing its factoriality outside. And
under these conditions, the government has no interests to change such
thinking, but it even promotes it almost betting with the society
that Obama will never agree to Karabakh’s inclusion in the package
and that the U.S. president will break Erdogan.

In this case, we are talking about Obama, but from time to time in
this role act Medvedev, Sarkozy and others of that ilk. The essence
remains the same. And here it is not that important what decided Obama,
Medvedev, Sarkozy or Michel Platini. It would seem that these solutions
can be good and bad for us which means that they cannot be important
to us. But it is a more lengthy time period. While in a specific time
for us, no fateful decision has not been taken. Perhaps in the near
future they will not. But the point is that, whatever the decision
is we are only an object rather than a subject. And any "object"
tomorrow may be declared a "zone of the dominant public interest"
because times are changing rapidly changing the objects.